Huffington Post Blog: 15 Ways To Live Authentically And Amazingly

“Unhappiness can occur when people are not living their lives in a way that is congruent with their authentic selves. This is what I have learned after providing psychotherapy to a diverse clientele for over 20 years. Also, I’ve noticed many people get stuck on the proverbial ‘hamster wheel’ of life–an endless cycle of work … Read more

Huffington Post Blog: Mindfulness For Mind Blowing Sex: 5 Practices

“Electric shivers of euphoria ripple throughout her naked body. The summer breeze encircles the lovers, intensifying the deeply arousing sensation of the wetness on her nipples from his passionate kisses. She gazes into his yearning eyes, effortlessly accessing the opening to his soul and harnessing the power of their profound connection. The rhythm of their … Read more

Huffington Post Blog: Self-Love: 10 Keys

“Healthy self-love is the balance between low self-esteem (a lack of self-love) and grandiosity (inflated, false self-love that is actually an overcompensation for a lack of true self-love). The following are key strategies that are critical in practicing self-love” Read the full article here

Great Orgasm

Huffington Post Blog: 10 Tips For Better Sex After Kids

” ‘Don’t you like my big boobs?’ said my client to her husband with a playful smile as they sat on my couch in couples therapy. ‘When I look at your breasts now, I think of the baby breastfeeding. That is not a turn-on,’ he responded flatly to his beautiful wife. Her face looked stung … Read more

Huffington Post Blog: Men Who Work On Themselves Are Sexy

“I’m a feminist who loves men. Not only do I appreciate the beauty of the male physique and the intoxicating power of masculine energy–I value the ways in which men process emotions, relationships, and life differently than women. I’ve had the deep honor and privilege of counseling hundreds of men (if not more) over the … Read more

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