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Joyce Marter | National Keynote Speaker & Mental Health Expert

You need an inspirational, experienced, and dynamic public speaker to destigmatize mental health issues, facilitate corporate growth, and promote mental and financial wellness for your organization. Let’s work together to help your staff, your leaders, and your business thrive.

Speaking & Training

Through my thought-provoking, intriguing and humorous storytelling as an in-demand public speaker and keynote presenter, I engage and inspire audiences across the country and around the world. These are not cookie-cutter trainings or presentations; instead, I deliver high-engagement, high-quality presentations with personality & interactive elements  No matter your organization or business’ size or industry, there’s something available for you. 

Breaking the Stigma

Mental Health

Now more than ever, mental health is a topic at the forefront of society. A healthy workplace is more productive and goal-oriented with a staff that is engaged. I’ll customize a training or presentation for your team, delivering critical communication, key resources, and skills to positively impact your bottom line. My fully customizable presentations and trainings cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace: Breaking the Stigma & Promoting Access to Care
  • Mental Health Triage for Leaders & Supervisors: How to Address Mental Health in the Workplace
  • How to Promote Positive Mental Health and Resilience During Challenging Times
Joyce Marter Speaking

Latest Topics Affecting Your Employees Mental Health

AI Keynote Speaker: AI’s Impact on Mental Health in the Workplace

The tsunami of AI is coming, and it’s time to prepare your staff, who are likely already in a state of burnout and overwhelmed after several years of constant change and uncertainty. Protect your greatest asset (your employees) and best prepare them for impending changes to systems, processes, and ways of working.

Access to support for organizations of all sizes

Live & On-Demand Webinars

During these challenging economic times, prioritizing mental health, wellness, and the inspiration to succeed can often feel unattainable or out of reach. Part of my mission is to ensure that no organization or team is denied access to these important topics. If in-person training doesn’t fit your organization’s schedule or budget, I am able to offer on-demand webinars at a lower price-point that can be accessed right when and where you need them.

Joyce MArter Sitting on Stage

Trusted Mental Health Presenter

Mindfulness & EQ

When it comes to addressing and destigmatizing mental health, every organization is different. My evidence-based approach will help your team foster a health conversation around mental health, while providing key resources for your staff to support their individual needs on an on-going basis. Presentation topics include:

  • Conscious Leadership: How to Lead Emotional Intelligence and Compassion
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: How to Improve Productivity & Health
  • Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution: How to Improve Your Relationships at Home and Work
  • Mindfulness During the Holidays: How to Successfully Manage Holiday Stress

Experienced Keynote Speaker

Financial Health

Mental health and financial health are deeply interrelated. Money problems cause deep-rooted issues around self-worth, identity, and fear. Let me help your organization shift your mindset around finances to open yourself up to a world of mental wellness and holistic success My fully-customizable presentations on this topic include:

  • The Financial Mindset Fix: How to Leverage Psychology to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing and Financial Health
  • The Psychology of Success: 12 Mindsets for Holistic Wellbeing
  • Mental Wealth: How to Apply Mindfulness to Finance
Financial Health Keynote Speaker

Life-Changing Impact

Continuing Education to Inspire

I love teaching the helpers how to better take care of themselves and the clients they serve through engaging presentations with practical tools and take-aways they can start using today. Presentation topics may include conflict resolution tools, including mindfulness techniques, CBT and other clinical tools; the relationship between mental illness and addiction and how to properly assess and treat clients; and the psychology of wellness and principles for true prosperity. These workshops are well-suited for individuals including:

  • Behavioral Health Providers & clinicians
  • CPAs and other financial professionals
  • Attorneys 
  • Mediators
  • And more

Transformational Professional Development

Corporate Culture & Wellness

Providing the right professional development opportunities for your leaders and teams isn’t just about teaching them to succeed in sales or marketing. Success in the workplace often depends on an employee’s mental and physical health. As a business owner and mental health expert, I speak on topics that impact the total health of employees, and affect the culture and holistic wellness of your business. My fully customizable presentation topics include: 

  • Reigniting the Mojo: How to Recover from Burnout and Reinvigorate Yourself
  • Work-Life Balance: How to Manage the Demands of Work and Personal Life in a Changing World
  • Workforce Retention for Leaders: How to Attract and Retain Talent

Joyce Marter Testimonials

“Joyce Marter has delivered outstanding educational presentations for the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association. The feedback we received from attendees of her presentations was that she conveyed practical business advice from a personal perspective in an easy-going, down-to-earth way, and that she is a very skilled presenter with an excellent style of capturing and holding her audience’s attention.”

Dan Stasi Executive Director

Illinois Counseling Association

“Mental health and financial wealth are two topics that our community of architects struggle with everyday… most often in silence. Joyce’s open, honest and friendly presentation brought permission to discuss and a solution to engage everyone in the room. A much-needed message at a time we need it most.”

Mark R. LePage

AIA, NCARB Founder, EntreArchitect

“Joyce delivered a three-part series to our audience of more than 200 Chief Financial Officers. It was one of the most popular sessions we have offered in our 16-year history, with several members indicating that it was among the most important programs they have ever attended….The CFO Leadership Council hosts almost 300 events per year, and Joyce ranks among the very best speakers we have had.”

Jack McCullough

CFO Leadership Council

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