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International Speaker/Author Inspiring Mental Health & Financial Wellness Globally

Joyce Marter | National Keynote Speaker & Mental Health Expert

You need an inspirational, experienced, and dynamic public speaker to destigmatize mental health issues, facilitate corporate growth, and promote mental and financial wellness for your organization. Let’s work together to help your staff, your leaders, and your business thrive. 

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Joyce Marter | Renowned Psychotherapist, Global Speaker, Entrepreneur, Internationally Published Author, & Mental Health Thought Leader

You need an inspirational, experienced, and dynamic public speaker to destigmatize mental health issues, facilitate corporate growth, and promote mental and financial wellness for your organization. Let’s work together to help your staff, your leaders, and your business thrive. 

Joyce Marter’s Services

As a licensed psychotherapist, successful entrepreneur, author, and mental health thought leader, I’ve inspired millions to improve their mental health, financial health, work-life balance, and relationships with proven strategies and innovative tools from psychology – now I want to inspire you.

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As a dynamic corporate and keynote speaker, my powerful, evidenced-based presentations and training have earned worldwide acclaim and solidified my reputation as an energetic, passionate speaker.

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Coaching & Consulting

My expertise in entrepreneurship, mental health in the workplace, and improving financial mindset is available through one-on-one and executive team coaching and consulting.

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Books & Courses

My book and digital course, The Financial Mindset Fix, is a step-by-step program to help you recover from financial trauma and money anxiety. Shift your mindset to cultivate holistic success.

Get To Know Joyce

Hi, I’m Joyce!

My professional mission is to remove the shame and stigma from mental health and financial stress and to provide practical tools to heal, recover, thrive, and prosper. I share what I have learned from my clients and my own journey to the masses in an effort to help more people create transformational change in their lives. I love sharing what I have learned from over 25 years of counseling clients in my book and course, The Financial Mindset Fix, and through my international public speaking and media.

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Proven Results for Changing Lives

Let me motivate your team

With over 25 years experience consulting and speaking about mental health in the workplace, I can help you and your team recover from burnout and increase productivity and employee attraction and retention by providing practical resources to promote holitistic well-being and success.

Build Your Financial Freedom

It’s time to think big about your life

We are all works in progress striving toward greater mental and financial health. My services help individuals and organizations blossom into the greatest versions of themselves.

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Your Mindset

Is your mindset holding you back?

No matter what mindset needs work in your life or business, I’ve created hands-on tools and exercises to get you moving forward for growth.

Organizations Inspired By Joyce

Joyce Marter Testimonials

Joyce Marter is a compelling and engaging presenter. She delivers information-packed sessions in a way that is compassionate and inclusive and elicits new insights from participants. She is exceptionally well-prepared and delivers every time!

Tami Simon

Founder, Sounds True

“Joyce Marter has delivered outstanding educational presentations for the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association. The feedback we received from attendees of her presentations was that she conveyed practical business advice from a personal perspective in an easy-going, down-to-earth way, and that she is a very skilled presenter with an excellent style of capturing and holding her audience’s attention.”

Dan Stasi Executive Director

Illinois Counseling Association

“Mental health and financial wealth are two topics that our community of architects struggle with everyday… most often in silence. Joyce’s open, honest and friendly presentation brought permission to discuss and a solution to engage everyone in the room. A much-needed message at a time we need it most.”

Mark R. LePage

AIA, NCARB Founder, EntreArchitect

“Joyce delivered a three-part series to our audience of more than 200 Chief Financial Officers. It was one of the most popular sessions we have offered in our 16-year history, with several members indicating that it was among the most important programs they have ever attended….The CFO Leadership Council hosts almost 300 events per year, and Joyce ranks among the very best speakers we have had.”

Jack McCullough

CFO Leadership Council

“Employee mental health is a top concern for today’s C-Suite executives, particularly with an increase in distributed workforces. Joyce spoke to our CEO, CFO and CHRO communities to share pragmatic advice to help remote employees overcome the most common obstacles that impair productivity and help them implement strategies to cultivate positive morale, engagement, and wellness in an online work environment. She is an excellent presenter, and our audience gave her high marks for her enthusiasm and practical insights.”

Jamie Tassa

Vice President, Chief Executive Group


Collections of Joyce’s articles, interviews, and media features from around the globe.

Joyce Marter Resources

My unique approach was created to provide you with all the tools you need to keep working as you continue to strive for balance, wholeness, and greater prosperity.

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Financial Health

Your experience with money isn’t just about paying bills, budgeting, and a bottom line. It’s a relationship that needs nurturing and care. Your financial health is part of a holistic picture of your mental and spiritual health.

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Mental Health

Our financial health is inextricably linked to our mental health. We must work to remove the shame and stigma from the mental health challenges we all experience as part of the human condition to foster resilience and abundance.

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Family & Relationships

Financial and relational transformation happens as you learn how to communicate better. Mindful and productive conversations can improve your finances and strengthen your relationships.

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Leadership & Workplace

Conscious leaders creatively and collaboratively facilitate the alignment of gifts with needs in the world to promote the common good. A healthy workplace is more productive and goal-oriented for the employees.

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Mindfulness & Self-Esteem

When we are living in a way that is congruent with our deepest and highest self, and doing work that is aligned with our gifts and calling in the world, we can open the doors to greater prosperity and abundance.

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