AI Keynote Speaker and Mental Health

AI Keynote Speaker: AI’s Impact on Mental Health in the Workplace

“Did you know? Almost two in five workers worry that AI might make their jobs obsolete. Also, these respondents were significantly more likely to report that their work has a negative impact on their mental health.”

With the explosion of technology in the AI age, your employees will be facing new technology, processes, and organizational changes on top of what they are already having difficulty managing.

Feelings that may come up for your employees about AI (Artificial Intelligence) include:

  • Fear of losing their job
  • Fear of more
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Frustration
  • Irritability and Defensiveness
  • Overwhelm with uncertainty and change
  • Resistance to change
  • Stress, Depression, and Anxiety
  • Worsened mental health or substance misuse
  • Conflict between leadership/staff

Proactively Help Your Employees Before AI Becomes a Problem

Give Your Employees the Tools They Need To Navigate Rapid Changes in the Workplace

Workplaces have enormous power to address the mental health crisis. Sophisticated and sustainable organizations recognize that investing in employee mental health not only saves their greatest asset but also gives their staff the skills to move along the mental health continuum from being in crisis, struggling, or surviving (which most people are today) to thriving and excelling.

Leading Expert with AI and Mental Health in the Workspace

Joyce Marter, Keynote Speaker for AI and Workplace Mental Health

It is Joyce Marter’s passion and purpose to remove the shame and stigma from mental health struggles and provide simple tools to help individuals and workplaces heal, recover, thrive, and prosper.

With the latest advancements in AI technology, Joyce Marter has recently spoken at numerous workplace conferences addressing their employees mental health and providing tools to cope with these rapid changes.

Joyce comes equipped with more than two decades of experience as a licensed psychotherapist providing mental health in the workplace programming and collaborating with HR, leadership, and EAP; she has been bridging this serious gap in the system as the go-to expert in promoting employee mental health. Joyce is renowned in this space and is known as “America’s Workplace Therapist”.

Example Talks about AI and the Workplace Include…

AI & Mental Health: 10 Ways Successfully Navigate Rapid Change

The tsunami of AI is coming and it’s time to prepare your staff, who are likely already in a state of burnout and overwhelm after several years of constant change and uncertainty. This inspiring and empowering presentation will quell stress and anxiety and equip your leaders and staff with practical tools and proven mental health strategies to successfully ride the AI induced wave of changes in the workplace. This critical presentation will protect your greatest asset (your employees) and best prepare them for impending changes to systems, processes and ways of working. 

Published Author on Psychology Today about AI (Artificial Intelligence)

How AI Affects Mental Health in the Workplace

The rise of AI (artificial intelligence) and its increasing presence in the workplace has brought a tsunami of change, creating new mental health challenges for both employers and employees. As humans, we can be resistant to change. Employees may feel frustrated, annoyed, and resistant about learning how to adapt to new ways of working. Some workers may fear becoming obsolete if they lack the technical skills to work alongside AI systems. Meanwhile, leaders are navigating these changes themselves while also needing to motivate and train everyone else.

AI is crashing into workplaces everywhere, bringing monumental changes in its wake. As AI capabilities expand rapidly, employees at all levels are being inundated with new systems, processes, roles, and responsibilities. For many, this AI disruption is causing uncertainty and anxiety. Will my job still exist in a few years? Will I become obsolete if I can’t keep upskilling? How can I possibly adapt to more changes when I’m already overwhelmed?

Organizations Inspired By Joyce

Joyce Marter Testimonials

Joyce Marter is a compelling and engaging presenter. She delivers information-packed sessions in a way that is compassionate and inclusive and elicits new insights from participants. She is exceptionally well-prepared and delivers every time!

Tami Simon

Founder, Sounds True

“Joyce Marter has delivered outstanding educational presentations for the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association. The feedback we received from attendees of her presentations was that she conveyed practical business advice from a personal perspective in an easy-going, down-to-earth way, and that she is a very skilled presenter with an excellent style of capturing and holding her audience’s attention.”

Dan Stasi Executive Director

Illinois Counseling Association

“Mental health and financial wealth are two topics that our community of architects struggle with everyday… most often in silence. Joyce’s open, honest and friendly presentation brought permission to discuss and a solution to engage everyone in the room. A much-needed message at a time we need it most.”

Mark R. LePage

AIA, NCARB Founder, EntreArchitect

“Joyce delivered a three-part series to our audience of more than 200 Chief Financial Officers. It was one of the most popular sessions we have offered in our 16-year history, with several members indicating that it was among the most important programs they have ever attended….The CFO Leadership Council hosts almost 300 events per year, and Joyce ranks among the very best speakers we have had.”

Jack McCullough

CFO Leadership Council

“Employee mental health is a top concern for today’s C-Suite executives, particularly with an increase in distributed workforces. Joyce spoke to our CEO, CFO and CHRO communities to share pragmatic advice to help remote employees overcome the most common obstacles that impair productivity and help them implement strategies to cultivate positive morale, engagement, and wellness in an online work environment. She is an excellent presenter, and our audience gave her high marks for her enthusiasm and practical insights.”

Jamie Tassa

Vice President, Chief Executive Group

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