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Presentations & Topics 

Joyce Marter

Presentation Categories & Topics: 

  • Mental Health in the Workplace
    • Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
    • Mental Health Triage for Leaders & Supervisors
    • Mental Wealth: How to Improve Your Mental & Financial Health
    • How to Promote Positive Mental Health & Resilience
    • The Psychology of Success
  • Financial Health & Wellness
    • The Financial Mindset Fix: How to Leverage Psychology to Improve Your Financial Health (or Sales) 
    • How to Heal from Financial Trauma & Money Anxiety
    • How to Set Healthy Financial Boundaries in Relationships 
  • Burnout
    • How to Promote Positive Mental Health & Resilience
  • Business: Workplace Wellbeing
    • How to Promote an Anti-Harassment Culture in the Workplace (Sexual Harassment)
    • Bullying Prevention in the Workplace 
    • Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Conscious Leadership
    • The Psychology of Success
    • How to Promote Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
    • How to Cultivate Psychological Safety in the Workplace
  • Resilience
    • How to Promote Positive Mental & Financial Resilience
    • The Psychology of Success
  • Mindfulness
    • Mindfulness in the Workplace
    • Mindfulness Experience for Workplaces, Organizations & Teams
  • Work-Life Harmony (Balance and Integration)
    • How to Promote Work-Life Harmony (For in-person, hybrid and remote workers)
    • The Psychology of Success
  • Motivational/Inspirational
    • The Psychology of Success
  • Counseling Private Practice
    • How to Market a Private Practice
    • How to Sell a Private Practice
    • The Financial Mindset Fix for Therapists

Presentation Formats:  

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Mindfulness Experiences
  • Workshops
  • Fundraiser Talks
  • Commencement Speeches 
  • Retreats
  • Panel Discussions
  • Continuing Education Trainings (NBCC CEs available)
Joyce Signing Books
Joyce Giving a Presentation


  • Pricing depends on multiple factors. In-person presentations include a speaker fee plus hotel and travel expenses. Virtual presentations are more cost-effective. 
  • Discounted packages are available for multiple presentations. For example, many of Joyce’s client companies book her for a keynote presentation at their annual conference and 2-3 additional webinar presentations throughout the year. 
  • Speaker fees may be adjusted when there are book buys. 
  • The best way to determine if Joyce is a fit for you is to book a short chat and let her know your budget. Joyce aims to find a workable option in different price brackets. 

General Information:

  • All presentations can be conducted virtually or in person.
  • Presentations are customized to the particular needs of the audience.
  • Length of the presentations may be adjusted depending on your needs. 
  • Unique presentations can be created upon request.

Joyce Marter Enterprises, Inc. is a registered entity and is an experienced provider for Federal Agencies including, but not limited to:

  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)
  • The US Customs and Border Protection
  • The US Army Corps

Unique Entity ID is SAGEB5C2LD83

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