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Remove Barriers

Let go of guilt and a scarcity mindset! Instead, you'll begin to understand and use the psychology of money for prosperity.

Rewire Your Thinking

Once you learn to recognize your self-worth and purpose, you can replace self-limiting beliefs with an abundance mindset.

Restore Balance

Erasing years of bad habits restores your ability to achieve everything you desire - and deserve - with The Financial Mindset Fix!

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Walk away from the panic of scarcity and unlock the door to financial freedom and the joy of prosperity!

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Virtual Training with Joyce Marter

The Financial Mindset Fix: Mental Health for Financial Wealth

The Financial Mindset Fix: Mental Health for Financial Wealth Virtual Training

Whether you're struggling to find work-life balance, trying to turn your skills into a viable business, or find your confidence to invest your hard-earned money…let Joyce Marter guide you past your limiting beliefs and help you open up to new possibilities and a life of abundance! Based on the book, The Financial Mindset Fix published by Sounds True, this 5-day transformative course features video trainings with author Joyce Marter, guided meditations, and exercises to guide your journey.