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When I started graduate school studying Counseling Psychology at Northwestern University, I saw myself and my family in the descriptions of various disorders and dysfunctions. I was afraid my professors would see that I myself deal with an anxiety disorder and that they would tell me I wasn’t fit to become a therapist, which was my dream. 

Previously at Ohio State during my undergraduate degree, I was encouraged to study what I loved when I struggled to pick a major. I found psychology fascinating because I care about the deeper aspects of human behavior–our emotions, our relationships and our connections to one another. I have always felt a strong desire to be of service to others. 

“Success is to live authentically, openly & lovingly, in alignment with the highest good of self & others, and to the greatest extent possible.”

Thankfully, my grad program recommended that all therapists-in-training participate in our own personal psychotherapy so that we can identify and work on our own issues, which often are what actually attracted us to the field. Through therapy and my clinical training, my eyes opened. I was given a language and a lens through which to understand myself, my relationships and the world around me. 

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My work as a psychotherapist over the past 25 years has been emotionally, intellectually and spiritually rewarding. It has been a profound honor to get to know my clients, to love them and support them as they have had the courage to take an honest look at themselves and to make brave changes to welcome greater health, wellness and prosperity. It has been an enormous blessing to learn from my clients and their experiences, which has had a profound impact on my own life.

Through my work with clients, I have become an impassioned advocate for destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting access to care. I no longer experience shame for my anxiety and other mental health struggles as I know we all deal with mental health issues as part of the human condition. Help is available and effective. 

I built my business, Urban Balance, with the mission of destigmatizing mental health care and making therapy affordable and accessible by accepting most insurance and providing sliding fee services. I named the company Urban Balance because motherhood is my highest role, and I want work that would provide work/life balance for myself, my staff and my clients. I am thrilled that I was able to successfully sell Urban Balance to Refresh Mental Health in 2017. 

Today, my professional mission is to share what I have learned from my clients and my own journey to the masses in an effort to help more people create transformational change in their lives. I saw in my practice that clients began to earn more money as they made progress in therapy, regardless of their presenting issue. This is because our self-worth directly impacts how we put ourselves out in the world. When we are living in a way that is congruent with our deepest and highest self, and doing work that is aligned with our gifts and calling in the world, we can open the doors to greater prosperity and abundance. I love sharing what I have learned in my book, The Financial Mindset Fix and through international public speaking. Please let me know how I can be of service to you. 

Because I believe in holistic success, my family and personal life is of paramount importance to me. I thank my lucky stars for my amazing husband, Jason Marotzke, and our beautiful blended family which includes Katelyn and Nick Marotzke and Celeste and Claudia Marter and our two rescue dogs, Phoebe and Nala. We live in Evanston, Illinois and Cape Coral, Florida. We love to travel, eat great food, kayak and hike. Yoga and meditation practices keep me sane, along with my sisters and best friends who are my pillars of support. Alpacas are my favorite animal in the world and hope to have a llama and alpaca sanctuary some day!

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