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I’m glad you’re here. Whether you’re an individual in need of a mental and financial health fix, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or part of an organization, I’m here to support you with all the tools you need to change your mindset, your business, and your life.  Work With Joyce

As a licensed psychotherapist for over 25 years, I’ve counseled thousands of clients to take an honest look at themselves and to make brave changes to welcome greater health, wellness, and prosperity. It has been a deep and profound honor to learn from my clients and their experiences, which has carved wisdom in my spirit which I feel called to share with others through my speaking and writing.

As a globally renowned public speaker, I’ve worked with organizations, businesses, and corporations of all sizes, across all industries, to destigmatize mental health issues, facilitate corporate wellness, and promote work-life balance and mental and financial health.

“I am a passionate and trusted advocate for destigmatizing mental health issues and financial struggle and providing tools for facilitating healing, recovery, and cultivating an abundant life filled with mental well-being, physical health, loving relationships, work-life balance, and financial wellness.”

As an internationally published author, I am the go-to expert on ways to improve your financial well-being by focusing on your psychological and relational issues around money. I’ve shared what I’ve learned throughout 25 years of working with clients and on my own personal journey in my latest book, The Financial Mindset Fix.

As a successful entrepreneur, I have a deep understanding of the importance of fostering employee wellness, conscious leadership, and financial stability. I built my business, Urban Balance, with the mission of destigmatizing mental health care and making therapy affordable and accessible by accepting most insurance and providing sliding fee services. In 2017, I profitably sold Urban Balance to Refresh Mental Health so that I could focus on my writing and speaking and share my message with a larger audience. When we have more, we can help more.

As a philanthropist, I care deeply about saving our planet, advocating for social justice, increasing access to mental healthcare, and contributing to the greater good. For this reason, Joyce Marter Enterprises, Inc. is a monthly donor to the following organizations: Environmental Defense Fund, American Civil Rights Union, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the Tanzanian Children’s Fund. Additionally, 10% of my talks per year are provided on a sliding fee or pro bono basis.

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My professional mission is to help more people create transformational change in their lives through the Mindset Fix™. This approach was born from a powerful desire to help individuals and organizations address their mindset challenges – from our mental health, to the health of our finances, relationships, self-worth, professions, and more.

Because I believe in holistic success, my family and personal life is of paramount importance to me. I thank my lucky stars for my amazing husband, Jason Marotzke, and our beautiful blended family which includes Katelyn and Nick Marotzke, Celeste and Claudia Marter, and our Chiweenie, Phoebe. We live in Evanston, Illinois and Cape Coral, Florida.

We love to travel, eat great food, kayak, paddleboard, and hike. Yoga and meditation practices keep me sane, along with my sisters and best friends who are my pillars of support. Alpacas are my favorite animal in the world and hope to have a llama and alpaca sanctuary someday!

I believe that love is the currency of life.

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There are a variety of ways to put the Mindset Fix™ approach to work for your team or organization: from my presentations, keynotes, webinars, and customized trainings, to The Financial Mindset Fix book and my on-demand digital course.

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Not sure where to begin? My latest book, The Financial Mindset Fix, will guide you through 12 essential mindsets for transforming your relationship with yourself to welcome a life of greater mental health and financial success.

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