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Media & Event Planning Kit

Joyce Marter Inspires Audiences on a Global Stage


Licensed psychotherapist, successful entrepreneur, author, and mental health thought leader Joyce Marter has inspired millions to improve their mental health, financial health, work-life balance, and relationships with proven strategies and innovative tools from psychology. She is a well-sought-after speaker who frequents the global stage on a diverse range of mental health topics.

Author & Speaker Information

Joyce Marter is a Licensed Psychotherapist, CEO, Author, Thought Leader & National Public Speaker with more than 20 years of experience in providing keynote addresses, motivational talks, corporate trainings, and continuing education workshops. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association and has keynoted for the American Counseling Association’s Leadership Conference, Lakeside Bank, the Legacy Project and countless others. Joyce has provided talks and trainings for Fortune 500 companies, business organizations, attorneys and mediators, professional associations and universities.

Combining her wealth of knowledge with her passion for mental health and holistic wellness, Joyce delivers high-energy presentations that will leave your organization feeling inspired, informed, and equipped to take action with proven tools and practical strategies.

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Book Information

Your personal beliefs about money can drive you to exhaustion or liberate you. The choice is yours. Do you want the never-ending panic of scarcity or the freedom and joy of prosperity? If you desire an abundant life, order The Financial Mindset Fix by psychotherapist and entrepreneur Joyce Marter.

The Financial Mindset Fix will help you cultivate twelve mindsets that are empirically proven to improve both mental and financial health. And not just financial wealth, but a life of abundance including connected and supported relationships and inner peace. Innovative mindset-shifting activities include self-assessment tools and insights that only Joyce can provide to help you shift your focus towards abundance. Through Joyce’s process, you’ll learn how to release limiting habits and beliefs and open yourself to a world of financial security and confidence.

By focusing on your psychological relationship with money in fresh ways, you open yourself to a life of greater mental health and financial success, not one without the other. Let Joyce guide you through this lifelong journey to prosperity, happiness, and joy.

Joyce Marter Book Signing
Joyce Marter Book Reading NYC
Barnes & Noble NYC

Media FAQ & Interview Suggestions

Joyce Marter is a regular contributor to media outlets across the globe. As a renowned psychotherapist, writer, and entrepreneur, she is routinely consulted as a psychological expert and is frequently featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Women’s Health, Psychology Today, Real Simple, CNN, and more. Joyce Marter is a seasoned guest on both television and radio, and an expert blog and article contributor.

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Speaking Testimonials

"Even though Joyce has built a multi-million dollar company, when she speaks on stage, she injects humor and authenticity - so she becomes relatable to all audiences. Joyce uses her mental health and business background to inspire audiences to find more success, fulfillment, and balance in their lives. She commands the room with authority, yet makes each person feel like they know her. Her presentations are full of heart and are incredibly inclusive. She’s perfect for large and small audiences. Book her!"

Kathryn Janicek
Three-Time Emmy Winning Producer

"Joyce is the most skilled speaker I have ever seen. She provides amazing and authentic guidance on how to achieve success, balance and fulfillment in life. Her presentations are skillful, artful, humorous and are a perfect balance between motivational guidance and stories from her personal and professional life to illustrate her points. Joyce’s speaking abilities are of the highest level and she enriches the life of every person in her audience!”

Taejah Vemuri
Licensed Professional Counselor

"Joyce was the keynote speaker at the Illinois Counseling Association’s Annual Southern Conference in March of 2019. We were so grateful to have her speaking on “The Keys to Success in the Counseling Profession.” She came in very prepared, had a very professional set-up with her inspiring signage and quality visual presentation, and was a high-energy, engaging speaker. She set the tone for the entire conference, putting everyone into high spirits and truly helped them to think about their journeys and ways to move forward and improve despite challenges. Our attendees raved about her wheels of self-care, support, and professional satisfaction – both for themselves and their clients. Thank you, Joyce, for your professionalism, relatability, and overall fantastic presentation!”

Rachel Gorsuch
Illinois Counseling Association Division Coordinator


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Joyce speaking from a stage to an audience in Alabama

Event Planning FAQ

Joyce Marter is a leading public speaker, CEO, and mental health expert whose work has been consumed internationally by over one billion people. She has vast experience working with small, large, and Fortune 500 companies to enhance the mental health of their workforce.

Joyce is a dynamic speaker, both in-person and through virtual settings. A seasoned online presenter, she has experience using countless platforms and promoting engagement through the use of breakout rooms, polls, chats, and digital copies of slides, handouts, and resources.

AV Requirements for on-site presentations:

  • PowerPoint on LCD Projector
  • Lavalier microphone preferred
  • We request permission to capture video and photography

Travel information:

Joyce Marter has dual residency in Evanston, IL, and Cape Coral, FL. The nearest airports are Chicago O'Hare and Fort Myers.


I was always so impressed in Joyce’s ability to command the room in such a unique way that made our patients and audience feel heartfelt, welcomed, and advocates of her mission—to educate and reduce the stigma around mental health.

Blake Kliegl, Director of Physician Relations, Optum

Illinois Counseling Association Logo

Joyce Marter has delivered outstanding educational presentations for the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association. The feedback we received from attendees of her presentations was that she conveyed practical business advice from a personal perspective in an easy going, down-toearth way, and that she is a very skilled presenter with an excellent style of capturing and holding her audience’s attention.

Dan Stasi, Executive Director, Illinois Counseling Association

Lifeworks Psychotherapy Center Logo

Joyce is a bundle of experience, warmth and wisdom. She provides insight and knowledge without sacrificing humor and engagement. A great speaker and presenter! Appeals to many audiences.

Dr. Cindy Trawinkski, Co-Owner of Lifeworks Psychotherapy Center

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Media & Speaking Inquiries

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