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Speaking Testimonials

Joyce Marter is a compelling and engaging presenter. She delivers information-packed sessions in a way that is compassionate and inclusive and elicits new insights from participants. She is exceptionally well-prepared and delivers every time!

Tami Simon | Founder, Sounds True

“Even though Joyce has built a multi-million-dollar company, when she speaks on stage, she injects humor and authenticity — so she becomes relatable to all audiences. Joyce uses her mental health and business background to inspire audiences to find more success, fulfillment and balance in their lives. She commands the room with authority, yet makes each person feel like they know her. Her presentations are full of heart and are incredibly inclusive. She’s perfect for large and small audiences. Book her!”

Kathryn Janicek, Three-Time Emmy-Winning Producer

“Joyce was the keynote speaker at the Illinois Counseling Association’s Annual Southern Conference in March of 2019. We were so grateful to have her speaking on “The Keys to Success in the Counseling Profession.” She came in very prepared, had a very professional set-up with her inspiring signage and quality visual presentation, and was a high-energy, engaging speaker. She set the tone for the entire conference, putting everyone into high spirits and truly helped them to think about their journeys and ways to move forward and improve despite challenges. Our attendees raved about her wheels of self-care, support, and professional satisfaction – both for themselves and their clients. Thank you, Joyce, for your professionalism, relatability, and overall fantastic presentation!”

Rachel Gorsuch, Illinois Counseling Association Division Coordinator

“Joyce is the most skilled speaker I have ever seen. She provides amazing and authentic guidance on how to achieve success, balance and fulfillment in life. Her presentations are skillful, artful, humorous and are a perfect balance between motivational guidance and stories from her personal and professional life to illustrate her points. Joyce’s speaking abilities are of the highest level and she enriches the life of every person in her audience!”

Taejah Vemuri, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Joyce Marter has delivered outstanding educational presentations for the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association. The feedback we received from attendees of her presentations was that she conveyed practical business advice from a personal perspective in an easy going, down-to-earth way, and that she is a very skilled presenter with an excellent style of capturing and holding her audience’s attention.”

Dan Stasi, Executive Director, Illinois Counseling Association

“I first met Joyce when she came to my organization to present over various topics, from how to handle difficult situations, to mental health awareness, to the psychology of success. I found her presentations to be very honest and relatable. Because of her genuine style when speaking, I have recommended Joyce to at least two organizations I volunteer for. You can’t go wrong with Joyce!”

Paulina Martinez, Government Planner

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joyce for several years at Urban Balance, collaborating on several guest speaking events. I was always so impressed in Joyce’s ability to command the room in such a unique way that made our patients and audience feel heartfelt, welcomed, and advocates of her mission—to educate and reduce the stigma around mental health. Joyce has been such an amazing partner and mentor, and I’m happy I’ve had the chance to work with her, and would give her the highest recommendation not only her practice and therapists, but for her compassion spreading awareness in this space.”

Blake Kleigl, Director of Physician Relations

“I first met Joyce Marter at a presentation she gave on “The Psychology of Success” to a group of small business owners. I was so impressed with her presentation that I sought her out at the end of her talk to arrange a follow-up meeting. Joyce’s presentation style is lovely and engaging and her content is solid and on-point. She is a high-powered, business professional who knows how to get her message across.”

Gail Golden, MBA, PhD

“I heard Joyce Marter speak last week at the American Counseling Association Leadership Training. She was authentic & vulnerable (the things we read about & strive to achieve) and was an excellent storyteller, full of wisdom. One thing that stood out was after years of practice, she still seems ever mindful of why she does what she does: the clients and the potential counselors have to impact for healing and good.”

Candice Jackson Ashburn, Philanthropist, Speaker & Writer

“Joyce Marter is a courageous and engaging speaker. She speaks with fervent preciseness backed by evidence and experience. She is attentive to her audience members and inclusive in her remarks. Joyce Marter creates dynamically inviting and inspiring space through her informative narrative discourse as a public speaker.”

Kimberly A.Hart., PhD, President, Illinois Counseling Association

“Joyce spoke for our local chapter of the Lewis and Clark Illinois Counseling Association, she is an inspirational speaker, and an amazing leader. Many counselors walked away from her talk “The Psychology of Success: How to Become a Leader in Counseling” with clarity and focus. Thank you, Joyce, for your pearls of wisdom.”

Sarah Mossa, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

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