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The practical tools and lessons I provide are shared by media outlets around the globe. This curated selection of key resources, along with my trusted network of affiliate assets, will help you begin to promote holistic well-being and financial health, while destigmatizing mental and financial health struggles.

Mental Health Strategies

Improve your financial health

My regular blog for Psychology today is all about sharing mental health strategies to improve your financial health. I cover key topics that influence our financial health, for organizations and leaders (including quiet quitting, career growth, and burnout) as well as for individuals (including depression and anxiety, self-help, and relationships). 

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Affiliate Resources

Get the guidance you need

In addition to publishing my first book, The Financial Mindset Fix, Sounds True hosts the world’s largest living library of transformational teachings that support and accelerate spiritual awakening and personal transformation. Pick up your copy of The Financial Mindset Fix, and find other powerful resources and content on

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Inspirational Lessons and Guides

Practical tools to change your life

As a believer that therapists need to do their own work on themselves, I’ve worked hard on my own psycho-spiritual journey towards cultivating an abundant life, which includes mental wellbeing, physical health, work-life balance, and financial prosperity. I share these transformational mental and financial health lessons with readers regularly for Choosing Therapy, providing inspiration, practical tools, and resources for individuals, couples, and businesses to heal, thrive, and prosper.

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Expert-Driven Content

Fuel for your financial journey

As an expert contributor for, I frequently publish key resources and support guides on topics such as holding yourself accountable, the ways our mental health impacts our financial health, overcoming financial trauma, and more. 

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Trusted Advice When You Need It

Support for personal and professional growth

The short, powerful videos I share as a TONE expert are here to help you take back control over your mental and financial health personally and professionally, by sharing key insight on topics such as workplace wellness, stress and burnout, navigating your triggers, and more.

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