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Joyce Marter highly recommends these current offerings by fellow Sounds True authors: 

Healing Racialized Trauma: Somatic Abolitionism for Every Body

We live in a society where the white-body is the standard by which all bodies are measured—both philosophically and structurally. As a result, racialized trauma becomes embodied and gets transmitted to later generations as an accepted, standard, and morally acceptable way of being. Through this deeply transformative work, Resmaa Menakem confronts the charge of racism by guiding the way on how to begin to heal this trauma for ourselves and future generations.

WAS $497
NOW ONLY $297 or three payments of $99


The Inner Dimensions of Mastering Money: Align with the Power and Flow of Money in Your Life

Money impacts every area of our lives—our sense of well-being, how we interact with others, and our ability to contribute our gifts. But what if the key to mastering money is less about what we know and more about transforming how we feel about and relate to money? That’s the question our distinguished panel of experts, including Rha Goddess, Judy Wilkins-Smith, Joyce Marter, and Spencer Sherman, will answer during this transformative nine-week online course.

WAS $795
NOW ONLY $495 or four payments of $147


Doorways Into Presence: How To Quiet Your Mind And Live In The Now

An intimate, first-of-its-kind online training with Eckhart Tolle to help you:

  • Accelerate and live the shift from identification with the thinking mind to the freedom and simplicity of Presence
  • Learn 14 easily accessible approaches to build your “Presence Power,” reduce suffering, and reclaim the joy of simply being
  • Actively take part in the collective awakening of human consciousness and the transformation of our world

WAS $497
NOW ONLY $297 or three payments of $99


Power of Awareness – A Mindful and Kind Approach to Quieting Your Mind

If you’re feeling the heaviness of the world more acutely these days, you are not alone. Humanity is facing more uncertainty than ever. This is why Jack and Tara, along with two celebrated senior teachers, have evolved the deeply regarded Power of Awareness course—already taken by tens of thousands—to offer new training with a deepened commitment to engaged spirituality, equity, and cultural sensitivity.

WAS $497
NOW ONLY $297 or three payments of $99

Reclaiming the Feminine

Reclaiming the Feminine – Embodied Sexuality as Spiritual Practice

In this audio program, sexological bodyworker, trauma educator, and “vaginapractor” Kimberly Johnson examines the power of sexuality as spiritual practice. Reclaiming the Feminine uncovers the connections between cultural oppression and repressed sensuality and shows us how to radically redraw the boundaries of sex to serve our whole selves.


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