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Mental Health Speaker

An Experienced Mental Health Speaker
with Proven Results for Changing Lives

Now, more than ever, mental health is a topic at the forefront of society. One in five American adults has a mental illness, and of 1,000 full-time workers recently surveyed across the U.S., more than 30% said their mental health declined over the past year. Statistics show that this can cause a significant decrease in productivity and millions of workdays lost every year. With the pandemic accelerating the urgency around supporting employee mental health, now is the time for employers to embrace work policies and programs that emphasize employee well-being as a priority.

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A healthy workplace is more productive and goal-oriented with a staff that is engaged

As a licensed psychotherapist and acclaimed national speaker passionate about destigmatizing mental illness and promoting mental health awareness, Joyce’s life’s work has been centered on helping people deal with mental health challenges in a constructive way. She prides herself on engaging in conversations surrounding mental health and offering tools to help people overcome their own personal challenges.

And as a renowned mental health practitioner, Joyce understands the unique needs of both individuals and organizations when it comes to addressing and destigmatizing mental health. Her approach is evidence-based, and her presentation fosters a conversation around mental health, while also providing resources for you and your staff.

Training Designed For You

As a mental health speaker at your organization, Joyce’s mission is multidimensional and includes:

  • Helping employees understand themselves and their coworkers better
  • Helping employees to identify the signs that someone may be struggling with a mental health or addiction issue
  • Sharing tools for reaching out to someone dealing with a mental health challenge
  • Sharing resources that can offer immediate help for someone struggling with a mental health issue
  • Fostering more effective communication amongst your organization
  • Increasing your organization’s overall mental health and productivity
  • Joyce works to customize her presentations to your company’s individual needs, regardless of the type and size of your business. As such, she will have a discussion with the appropriate staff to learn more about your organization and its challenges in order to deliver critical communication, key resources, and skills that affect your bottom line. Her approach is sensitive yet purposeful.

What This Means For You
and Your Employees

Joyce works with organizations that want to improve the following:

  • Employee wellness
  • Productivity
  • Company morale
  • Team building
  • Emotional Intelligence (regulating emotions in the workplace and effective conflict resolution)

…And decrease the following:

  • Absenteeism
  • Turnover
  • Healthcare Costs
  • Liability Risks (related to behavioral and mental health and addiction issues)

“I was always so impressed in Joyce’s ability to command the room in such a unique way that made our patients and audience feel heartfelt, welcomed, and advocates of her mission-to educate and reduce the stigma around mental health.”

Blake Kleigl, Director of Physician Relations

Speaking Inquiries

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