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Mental Health Speaker in Cleveland, OH

Acclaimed Mental Health Speaker in Cleveland, OH

Joyce Marter Mental Health Speaker in Sarasota FL

With mental health topics at the forefront of society, it’s important to understand how the discussion fits in at work. A mental health focus can not only improve employees’ personal lives, but also your bottom line.

Many companies are recognizing the vast benefits of hiring a mental health speaker in Cleveland OH to address mental wellness and mental health awareness. Joyce Marter is experienced and skilled to not only assist your employees but also to improve the functioning of your businesses as a result.

According to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), the average time between the onset of mental health symptoms and treatment is 11 years. That simply needs to change. Taking a proactive approach can mean all the difference both in your business and in the lives of your employees.

As a mental health speaker in Cleveland OH, Joyce has worked with a wide variety of companies of all sizes and industries to address mental health, learn the signs and symptoms of mental illness and addiction and how to open up about mental health or addiction issues with coworkers, friends and family. And she has the research and resources to back her training up.

Mental Health Statistics at a Glance

  • 1 in 5 U.S. adults experiences mental illness
  • 1 in 25 U.S. adults experiences a serious mental illness
  • 17 percent of youth experience a mental health disorder
  • 19 percent of U.S. adults with a mental health issue also have a substance use disorder
  • 1 in 8 of all visits to U.S. emergency rooms are related to mental and substance use disorders

“I was always so impressed in Joyce’s ability to command the room in such a unique way that made our patients and audience feel heartfelt, welcomed, and advocates of her mission-to educate and reduce the stigma around mental health.”

Blake Kleigl, Director of Physician Relations

Speaking Inquiries

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Joyce Marter, mental health speaker in Cleveland

Joyce Marter’s writing, presentations and trainings have reached a global audience of 1 billion and she brings with her a wealth of education and experience. And countless companies have realized the vast benefits of adding mental health awareness training to their corporate training schedules.

Joyce is not only a renowned mental health speaker near Cleveland and a Licensed Psychotherapist, she is also an acclaimed writer, business owner and keynote speaker. With her training sessions, she helps organizations increase employee productivity, emotional intelligence, morale and overall wellness which can, in turn, decrease absenteeism, turnover, risk issues and healthcare costs.

Joyce has been featured in a plethora of media outlets, including CNN, Crain’s, Huffington Post, Inc., Chicago Tribune, MSNBC and more and you can feel confident in her leading your workplace training session, which is customized to your needs.

Training designed for your company

Your company’s training led by Joyce Marter, mental health speaker in Cleveland, places focus on your employees’ own mental health and offers tools to help them become their happiest, healthiest and most productive in all areas of life.

She has worked with Fortune 500 companies along with small businesses who wish to function more optimally with an engaged and healthy workforce. With a longstanding career focused on destigmatizing mental illness, Joyce has used her mental health speaking in Cleveland and around the world to change organizations for the better.

Workplace training and mental health speaker in Cleveland

Joyce’s trainings have helped increase organization productivity and built an understanding around mental wellness and its importance. It helps employees gauge their own mental health as well as identify the signs of someone struggling with mental illness and addiction. She offers practical tools that can be put in place immediately with a compassion approach.

It’s time to put your organization’s wellbeing at the forefront. Mental health speaker Cleveland, Joyce Marter.

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