Huffington Post Blog: 15 Affirmations: Find The Courage To Live The Life You Want

“Over the past 20 years of working as a psychotherapist, I have been awed and inspired by the fierce courage of my clients. I’ve been honored to accompany them on their journeys as they have tapped into their power and emancipated themselves from abusive and toxic relationships, oppressive religious and cultural practices, exploitative or meaningless jobs or careers, and other dysfunctional dynamics. I’ve supported them in connecting with their highest and greatest selves and opening themselves up for love, learning, and living in a whole new way.

It’s critical for each of us to detach from fear and tap into our courage. Happiness can only occur if we are leading our life in a way that is congruent with our authentic self, and authenticity requires courage. Center your mind/body/spirit through a few minutes of deep breathing, yoga, stretching or meditation and practice the following are affirmations to strengthen your courage”

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