Blog For The Body Image Therapy Center: Understand Your Relationship with Food: A Journaling Exercise

Joyce Marter recently wrote a blog for the Body Image Therapy Center focused on understanding your relationship with food through a journaling exercise. Below is an excerpt from the blog: “Journaling can be a powerful activity to promote insight and self-awareness. If you would like to improve your relationship with food, set aside 30 minutes … Read more

unnamed (1) Blog: Is A Mental Health Issue The Cause Of Your Sexless Marriage?

Joyce Marter recently wrote a blog on the link between mental health issues and lack of sex in a marriage.  Below is an excerpt from the blog:  “Sexual problems are one of the most common presenting issues in couples therapy. However, problems in the bedroom are often the symptom, or byproduct, of an underlying … Read more


Refresh Mental Health Blog: How To Promote Gratitude In Children During The Holidays

Joyce Marter recently wrote a blog on how to promote gratitude in children during the holiday season. Below is an excerpt from the blog: “In this age of materialism and entitlement, it can be challenging for parents, educators and counselors to help facilitate gratitude in children, something that is perhaps especially important during the holidays season.” You … Read more


Blog: Joyce Marter: Motivational Keynote Speaker For Counseling Conferences

Joyce Marter is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, entrepreneur, CEO, author and motivational keynote speaker with over 15 years of experience in public speaking. She is a proud member of the National Speakers Association. Marter is the Founder of Urban Balance, a counseling practice with over 100 therapists working from ten locations in three states. … Read more


LinkedIn Article: How To Exit A Group Counseling Practice With Ethics & Integrity

Joyce Marter recently wrote a LinkedIn article on how to exit a group counseling practice with ethics and integrity. Below is an excerpt from the article: “It’s natural that psychotherapists who work for a group practices often eventually wish to leave to start their own practices. It’s also very understandable that clients and therapists frequently … Read more


C.E.L. & Associates Blog: Successfully Navigate Life Transitions

Joyce Marter wrote a blog for C.E.L. & Associates about how to successfully navigate life’s transitions. Below is an excerpt from the blog: “Life is everchanging. Times of transition can exacerbate stress, even if they are positive transitions, like starting a new job, falling in love, or having a child.” You can read the full blog … Read more


Refresh Mental Health Blog: Refresh Mental Health Provides Legislative Advocacy for the Counseling Profession

Joyce Marter wrote a blog for the company Refresh Mental Health, of which she is the vice president of marketing & PR, about Refresh Mental Health’s legislative advocacy for the counseling profession. Below is an excerpt from the article: “Refresh Mental Health continues to support the counseling profession and the clients we serve through multiple efforts, … Read more


The Body Image Therapy Center Blog: Self-Care Assessment for Mind, Body, Spirit & Balance

Joyce Marter wrote a blog for The Body Image Therapy Center on the components of comprehensive self-care and how to evaluate one’s own self-care. Below is an excerpt from the article: “Because we are mind, body and spirit—comprehensive self-care must encompass all three of these aspects of self, as well as incorporate work/life balance, so … Read more

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