Blog: Personal Reflection Following Yoga Practice

As I quiet my body, my gaze turns inward. I feel the rhythm of my breath in my body, like the tides of the ocean and the ebb and flow of the river of life.

I connect with the life force energy of prana. I am prana.

I connect with my essence. I am my essence.

I stretch. I survive. I thrive. I grow and expand like the powerful great oak. So brave. So strong. I am flexible in the winds that make my roots grow strong.

I am kind. I am compassionate. I am humble. I am whole. I am vibrant. My soul sings and soars!

I release all that is not mine to carry. I breathe out all that is extra—all the residue—all that I do not need or that is no longer serving me.

Through movement and breath, I reconnect with my mind, body and soul. I am one with the conscious, compassionate, abundant and ever evolving universe.

I am Woman.

I am Mother.

I am Goddess.

I am the Humble Warrior.

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