Huffington Post Blog: 15 Ways To Live Authentically And Amazingly

“Unhappiness can occur when people are not living their lives in a way that is congruent with their authentic selves. This is what I have learned after providing psychotherapy to a diverse clientele for over 20 years.

Also, I’ve noticed many people get stuck on the proverbial ‘hamster wheel’ of life–an endless cycle of work and household responsibilities and obligations. Seldom do they pause to reflect about who they really are or why they do what they do. The lack of deeper meaning or connection to their work and life roles causes them to shift into autopilot–a state of unconsciousness and stagnation. They become disconnected from their true selves, their relationships and even the world around them.

Sadly, I see this scenario frequently in my practice. It’s my deep honor and pleasure to help people:

  • Reconnect with their true selves through “mirroring” how I see and understand them, their strengths & unique gifts.
  • Re-engage their important relationships via empathy, authenticity, vulnerability & open/effective communication.
  • Rebalance their lives with hobbies and leisure through the setting of healthy boundaries and time management.
  • Refuel themselves through self-care practices and making them a top priority.
  • Realign their work with their greatest gifts and life mission through positive thinking, tapping into their courage, and engaging in proactive behaviors.
  • Revitalize their passion for the great gift of life by practicing gratitude and connecting with their essence or spirit.
  • What a gift to help people recover and awaken! I love my life’s work….”

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