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Joyce Marter Quoted In CareerBliss Article: Don’t Be Bored At Work: 7 Productive Ways To Fill Downtime

UB Founder, Joyce Marter offers tips to CareerBliss on how to stay productive at work. Article published on July 27th, 2012.  “Boredom kills — well, not literally. Succumbing to it at work, however, can totally kill your motivation, causing you to (oh horror of horrors) disengage and become all around unhappy. Next thing you know, you’re the ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In US News Article: 4 Tried-And-True Time Management Techniques

“If your current time-management system involves 5-hour ENERGY drinks or three to four cups of coffee per day, it’s time for a change. But cutting back on your work is likely not an option: In this competitive job market, taking on more responsibility and exceeding expectations is a given if you want to advance in your career. ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Your Tango Article: What To Consider Before Having Kids

“Having a baby is a big decision that requires couples to do some serious self-reflecting and communicating. But some couples don’t exactly contemplate parenthood — or they have the wrong idea about having kids. Some mistakenly assume that having a child will fix their relationship problems and bring them closer, said Joyce Marter, LCPC, psychotherapist and owner ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In US News Article: How To Manage Your Emotions In The Workplace

“Dealing with emotions in the office is tricky. You don’t want to be branded as the person who freaks out or cries at the drop of the hat, or who uses emotions to manipulate people. Fear of being stigmatized as an emotional basket case prompts many professionals to practice what a recent Wall Street Journal article calls, ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In CareerBliss Article: 10 Ways To Overcome Pre-Job Interview Jitters

“Knots and butterflies in your belly. Heart and mind racing. Sweaty palms. Shortness of breath. These symptoms can be pretty hard to shake right before a big job interview. But here’s the kicker: it’s all in your head. ‘Anxiety and jitters come from not knowing what is going to happen — basically, fear of the unknown,” says Katherine ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Crain’s Chicago Business Article: Girl Scouts Updates Image From Campfires To C-Suite

“Tonight, ComEd CEO Anne Pramaggiore and 450 other women will raise their hands to recite the Girl Scout pledge at a dinner marking the organization’s 100th anniversary at the Four Seasons Chicago. Girl Scout executives will be crossing their fingers, hoping the group’s new emphasis on girls in business will get it through the next ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In BeliefNet Article: 6 Ways To Feel Good About Yourself

“‘There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself,’ said American novelist Raymond Chandler. In other words, as another saying goes, we can be our own worst enemy. For many of us our inner critic is especially cruel. It clings to every mistake, misstep and imperfection (Which is infinite, because, well, ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Life & Beauty Weekly Article: Healthy Relationships: Should Your Husband Be Your Best Friend?

“It’s the height of wedding season, and couples across America are kicking off their new lives with heartfelt toasts that begin, ‘Today I married my best friend.’ Misty-eyed guests smile at the sentiment — and why not? Over the years, our culture has romanticized the idea that healthy relationships mean husbands and wives are BFFs ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Quickbooks Article: How Psychology Can Make Or Break Your Business

“Are you aware of the unconscious psychological forces that can improve or undermine your business? Recognizing which traits are which — and learning how to use them to your benefit — can support or impede your company’s growth, according to two experts in the field. Therapists Peter Shallard, also known as ‘the shrink for entrepreneurs,’ ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In BeliefNet Article: 6 Lesser Known Ways To Boost Your Energy Throughout The Day

“You’re at work executing tasks and checking off your to-do list. Then the afternoon hits, and your energy dips. You feel like a zombie until it’s time to drag yourself home. Or it’s morning and whatever oomph you had minutes earlier has deflated. You feel like a punctured balloon, slowly losing your air (and maybe ...

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