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Joyce Marter Quoted In Huffington Post Article: Shame Excavation: Unearthing Toxic Shame

“Shame is inexorably tied to the question that many of us will eventually ask ourselves, ‘Are we a human doing or a human being?’  In other words, is our value and appreciation for and about ourselves determined by what we do (and how it impacts others) or by just who we are?  Self-worth determined by ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In CareerBliss Article: How Creative Confidence Can Boost Your Happiness

“Many psych experts say that we are all born with an innate hint of creativity. But as we grow older, things like our practical jobs, fear of rejection and other grownup matters place a lid on our creativity. However, studies show that indulging in our deep-seated creativity afterhours can actually open up a floodgate of newfound ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In BeliefNet Article: Seven Self Compassionate Strategies To Experience Sadness

“Many of us have a hard time experiencing sadness. We ignore it, hoping it’ll go away. Or we stuff it down with unhealthy habits. ‘Sadness hurts!’ said Polly Campbell, author of Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People. ‘Studies show it can even cause physical pain and heartache.’ Sadness also is a vulnerable feeling, said psychotherapist Joyce ...

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Huffington Post Blog: 21 Ways To Let Go And Free Yourself

Joyce Marter recently wrote a blog for Huffington Post on 21 ways to let go and free yourself. Below is an excerpt from the blog: “Therapists, coaches and yoga instructors love to tell us, “Just let go!” Sounds divine, yet ambiguous… What exactly is involved in the process of letting go?” You can read the ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Psych Central Article: I Can’t Believe They Did That! Taming Judgmental Tendencies

“Being judgmental can be a good thing. Our judgment is a survival skill, according to psychotherapist Joyce Marter, LCPC. It helps us stay out of danger. For instance, you use good judgment when you don’t give your phone number to a man who’s ‘separated’ from his ‘crazy’ wife, or invest money in a hot new business ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Psych Central Article: Therapists Spill: 10 Tips For Making The Most Of Therapy

“Therapy can seem like a mystery. What do you talk about? Can you really be honest? How do you know if you’re getting better? Before you even walk through the door, you also may have certain preconceived notions, which can stifle your progress: Being a good client means being polite and rarely asking questions. Being a good ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Psych Central Article: Therapists Spill: 9 Myths About Therapy That Sabotage The Process

“What many of us know about therapy often comes from television and films, which typically provide an inaccurate picture — or really a caricature of the process. So naturally many myths and misconceptions abound. The problem is that these views can interfere with the therapeutic process or stop people from seeking professional counseling in the first place. Below, clinicians reveal the ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Psych Central Article: The Power Of Empathy In Romantic Relationships & How To Enhance It

“‘Empathy is truly the heart of the relationship,’ said Carin Goldstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist. ‘Without it, the relationship will struggle to survive.’ That’s because empathy requires compassion. And, without compassion, couples can’t develop a bond. ‘[A] bond is like glue: If there is no glue then everything falls apart.’ Psychotherapist Cindy Sigal, AMFT, ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Psych Central Article: Therapists Spill: The Books I Turn To On A Difficult Day

“Sometimes, just reading a few words of wisdom or support can help to soothe us and give us clarity. Reading certain books can move us into a kinder space. It can inspire and empower us. Or it can just make us smile — which is a gift when you haven’t felt good all day, and ...

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Joyce Marter Quoted In Psych Central Article: How To Respond To Rude Or Inappropriate Remarks

“Sooo, you’ve been together for seven years; when are you finally going to get engaged? How come you two aren’t having kids yet? You know it’s harder to get pregnant as you age. For instance, my cousin, Tina… Do you really think you should eat that?  People say the darnedest things, don’t they? Maybe you, too, have ...

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