Joyce Marter Presentations: Topics List

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Achieving Work Life Balance

The purpose of this workshop is to assist you in developing greater awareness of how well you manage the demands of work and family life.  Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to identify the sources of stress in your life related to work and family demands and identify which stressors you have some control over and can change.  Participants will make a list of adaptive tools to cope with the challenges of work/life stress and set some realistic goals for home and work, prioritize them and create a plan of action.

Alcohol and It’s Impact

Participants will learn the dangers of alcohol and be able to define the difference between abuse and dependence.  The presentation will also touch on how to talk to adolescents about alcohol use and how to get help.

Anger Management

Participants will learn about the anger cycle and strategies to defuse anger.  The presentation will help participants understand anger better and how manage it.  Managing conflict in relationships will also be discussed.

Assertiveness Training

This interactive workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance assertiveness skills.  Upon completion of this workshop, participants will gain general knowledge about the essentials of assertiveness, have the ability to distinguish between assertive, aggressive, and nonassertive behavioral styles, and gain knowledge about how to enhance assertiveness skills.

Bipolar D/O

This presentation will define bipolar disorder, types of bipolar disorder, and working with clients presenting with the disorder.  The assessment and diagnosing process for bipolar disorder will also be explored.  

Bullying & Harassment

This presentation will define workplace bullying and harassment.  Attendees will be able to identify the differences between the two, as well as distinguish characteristics of bullies and their victims.  Additionally, the impact on bullying and harassment in the workplace will be examined and participants will be able to identify harassing and bullying behaviors, attitudes, and how to address it in the workplace at the end of the presentation.

Conflict Resolution

This presentation will help attendees deepen the understanding of the nature of conflict.  Attendees will also develop practical solutions for work and home around conflict and learn

skills for dealing with difficult people.

Conquering Cumulative Stress

This presentation will explore the nature of stress and different types of stress.  Physical and social environments, physiological stressors, and thoughts around stress will be highlighted.  Signs and symptoms will be identified and how to build resiliency will wrap up the session.

Customer Service

This presentation will discuss the benefits of great customer relations and how to implement great customer service.  What gets in the way of great costumer service?  This will be identified and tools to master causes of poor customer service will be explored.

Dealing with Difficult People

This presentation will identify characteristics of difficult personalities and explore reasons for difficult behavior.  Attendees will explore their reactions to difficult people and the presenter will provide coping techniques for dealing with difficult people.


This presentation will define depression and identify the signs and symptoms.  Current statistics on depression, how it is diagnosed, and treated will be highlighted.  Additionally, assessments to identify depression will be shared.


This presentation will positively reframe divorce.  The trauma of divorce will be explored and common symptoms after experiencing a divorce will be discussed.  Attendees will be able to reflect on themes and patterns in their relationships and explore tools for self care when facing a divorce.  

Dual DX

Addiction and psychological diagnosis often happens simultaneously.  It’s not always clear which is the primary diagnosis because the disorders feed off one another.  This presentation will explore this population.  Addiction and personality disorders also coexist.  Addiction, trauma, and personality disorders in families will also be explored.  If a therapist does not have knowledge or awareness of these issues they could end up misdiagnosing the client, not effectively treating them, and/or enabling them. This presentation will help therapists in training access for dual diagnosis and help them aid their client’s in coping and expressing their feelings and stress around these diagnoses.

Effectively Working with Co-workers

This presentation will help participants understand bullying and harassment.  Managing negativity in the workplace will also be explored and the nature of conflict will be highlighted.  This interactive presentation will help attendees understand how to develop a healthy workplace and effective communication techniques.

Energize Your Life

This presentation will help attendees discover ways to keep their mind engaged and stay energized.  Dangers of technology will be identified and methods to increase energy will be learned.  This interactive presentation will incorporate practicing uplifting exercises to increase energy.

Exercise at your desk

The dangers of being sedentary will be explored for this presentation.  Roadblocks that are commonly experienced that keep us from exercising will also be identified.  Additionally, participants will experiment with exercises that they can use while at work and be able to develop a realistic plan to be more active at work.


This presentation educates participants on the stages of grief and identifies resources for managing the symptoms of grief and loss.  Additionally, self care tools will be explored to educate participants on how to manage grief.  

Improving Communication in the Workplace

Using communications theory as a backdrop, this presentation introduces the need for civility and collegiality in the workplace as not only ways of fostering effective working relationships, but as a workplace conflict management tool.  Interactive discussions center on how conflict develops in lieu of respect.  Tips are shared with participants about resolving conflict and about how to improve respect and cooperation at work.  The training will be provided by EAP Consultants, which provides free and confidential company paid for counseling for employees and their dependents.

Improving Negativity in the Workplace

Participants will learn how to communicate in collegial and civil ways at work and ways that conflict can be resolved.  The presentation will also identify high vs. low emotional intelligence (EQ) behaviors in ourselves and others.  Lastly, participants will understand the importance of self awareness in good communication.

Juggling Working/Life Balance

This presentation will help participants understand your personal definition of work/life balance.  It will also help participants be aware of how they spend time and learn strategies for achieving work/life balance.

Keeping Relationships Strong Through Transition

This presentation will discuss common relationship challenges during times of transition.  Participants will be able to identify effective communication techniques and recognize relationship values.  Lastly, participants will learn how to address problems proactively.  

Keys to Improving Memory

Participants will identify their challenges in this presentation and understand how stress and other issues can impact memory.  Participants will also learn exercises to improve memory.

Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle

This presentation will explore change, why it’s so hard to change, and how to start change.  Motivation around change will be examined and change goals for each participant will be defined.  

Managing Change

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to identify 2 to 3 ways change impacts them and others and be able to specify the 3 stages of transition people experience in response to change.  Participants will also be able to recognize the 5 attributes of resilient people and develop a personal action plan. Resources to assist attendees in becoming a more effective change manager will also be explored.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

This workshop will focus on how to manage conflicts in small team environments, workgroups, and departments that may be experiencing some type of conflict.  Types of conflicts commonly encountered will be covered and participants will be able to identify their current conflict management style and its strengths and weaknesses.  Lastly, new conflict resolution and communication skills will be learned that are applicable to a workplace setting.  This workshop is interactive, utilizing group exercises and self-surveys.

Managing for Top Performance

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to recognize the qualities of superior leaders and describe how applying the theory of emotional intelligence can help motivate employees.  Participants will practice strategies to increase emotional intelligence and develop an action plan to attract, develop and retain top performers and create high-performing teams.

Mood Food Connection

Participants will learn reasons we eat when we are not hungry and about emotional eating.  Why does food seem to make us feel better?  This presentation will explore this idea and participants will learn how to change the mood-food connection.  Lastly, where to go for help and learn more will be discussed.

Nickled and Dimed No More

This presentation will help participants understand their spending and explore financial goal setting.  The dangers of bad spending habits will be examined and assessing need verses want will be discussed.  Lastly, budgeting will be discussed.

Psychological Trauma

Definition and types of emotional/psychological trauma will be discussed in this presentation.  Additionally, the affects of trauma on functioning, anxiety, depressive disorders and symptoms will be explored.  Lastly, common medical treatments and what to look for in medical records will be discussed.  

Pre & Post Baby For Therapists

This presentation will introduce pre and post baby counseling for individuals and couples. The importance of this topic will be explored and a framework will be given to work with clients.  Pitfalls during this transition will be identified. Lastly, resources will be shared.

Pre Baby For Clients

This presentation will explore the 10 pitfalls during this transition that many couples may experience.  Navigating these pitfalls will also be identified.  This interactive presentation will introduce couples exercises to help participants explore their relationship.

Preventing Burnout in the Helping Professions

This prevention will help participants identify stress and burnout, and understand the difference between the two.  Participants will also learn tips for stress management and know what to do if you are feeling burned out. Lastly, participants will have an opportunity to make a commitment to healthy living and self-care.

Psychology of Success

This presentation given by the CEO of Urban Balance, Joyce Marter, identifies her vision for success.  Joyce encourages participants to strive for work/life balance while finding purpose and creating a vision to receive prosperity.

Shift Gears from Mental Health to Business

This presentation given by the CEO of Urban Balance, Joyce Marter, identifies her vision for success as a business owner in the mental health field.  Joyce encourages participants to strive for work/life balance while finding purpose and creating a vision to receive prosperity. Participants will explore their relationship with money, explore the big picture, and be able to develop a framework for their mental health business.

Stress Management

This workshop focuses on teaching participants to better cope with stress and improve their overall emotional health and wellbeing.  Attendees will learn practical techniques to help manage common stressful situations in their work, family and personal environment.  Learning new strategies for developing a more “stress-resistant” lifestyle will also be covered.

Therapy 101

Have you ever been curious about mental health, counseling, or therapy?  Maybe you want to try it.  This presentation is for anyone interested in seeking counseling and wanting to uncover the myths about therapy. We will cover when to seek therapy, presenting issues in therapy, and the nature of the therapeutic relationship.  We will also offer tips on how to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Additionally, the presentation will identify how to find a therapist, cost of counseling services, and types of therapy.

Thriving in a multigenerational workplace

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to recognize the salient events that shape each generation and appreciate what each generational group thinks about work and family.  Participants will also understand sources of generational conflict and become aware of methods of resolving generational conflict.

Time Management in the Workplace

This presentation will offer general suggestions about ways to better manage work time.  Focusing on reducing work distractions will be covered.  Additionally, participants will learn how to identify and decrease “time wasters” during day-to-day office activities.  Lastly, attendees will gain awareness of what demands are made on their time at work, as well as in their personal life.

Trauma in the workplace

This presentation will explore Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) Concepts and educate attendees on trauma.  This will be an open discussion where attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts, and reactions to the topic.  

Understanding Trauma & PTSD

Definition and types of emotional/psychological trauma will be discussed in this presentation.  Additionally, the affects of trauma on functioning, anxiety, depressive disorders and symptoms will be explored.  Lastly, common medical treatments and what to look for in medical records will be discussed.  

Wellness Now, Starting Now

This presentation will help participants understand what wellness means to them.  Participants will identify a plan for personal prevention and awareness and will identify the every day changes that can restyle their life.  

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