Joyce Marter Gave CEU Training On Time Management At The Carrington, Organized By Elderwerks/In-Home Counseling

Joyce Marter gave a CEU presentation on Time Management. The event was organized by Elderwerks/In-Home Counseling and took place at The Carrington in Lincolnwood. The audience consisted of hospital social workers, nurses and case managers. Joyce talked about prioritization, organization, efficiency, productivity, mindfulness, boundaries, and work/life balance.


Speaking Engagement: Anxiety and Gut Health

Joyce Marter recently presented on anxiety and gut health at a Chicago event sponsored by Aligned Modern Health and Urban Balance. Below, Joyce is pictured with Bill Fiely & Brian Carey, co-founders of Aligned Modern Health, as well as her event co-speakers, Dr. Kamel and Dr. Halland from Aligned. You can watch the full video … Read more

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