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Congratulations on working The Financial Mindset Fix Mental Fitness Program! Reading or listening to The Financial Mindset Fix without doing the exercises is like watching your personal trainer teach you how to workout without ever exercising. In order to see the results of the Mindset FixTM approach, you have to do the work. Many of the exercises in the book are popular tools therapists use in their practices. They come from various empirically supported therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), self-psychology, narrative therapy, and others.

Some of my favorites are the Therapy Session exercises, which allow you to imagine stepping into my office for a therapy or business coaching session, where I ask you specific questions to promote self-reflection and insight. Of course, this isn’t actual psychotherapy, but you will gain significant insight into yourself and how you might need to change to improve your mental and financial health.

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Tutorials For Wheel Exercises

The wheel exercises are self-evaluation tools that help you realize where your strengths and weaknesses lie in a given area. Don’t worry about your scores—we are all works in progress. Completing the wheel exercises is easy. After you go through it once, you’ll be a pro. And if you become discouraged because there is still progress to be made, always remember we are looking for progress, not perfection.

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Download the Exercises By Chapter

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Chapter 1: Abundance

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Chapter 2: Awareness

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Chapter 3: Responsibility

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Chapter 4: Presence

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Chapter 5: Essence

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Chapter 6: Self Love

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