Huffington Post Blog: Increase The Resiliency Of Your Relationship: 6 Strategies

“Well, you two certainly have a very resilient relationship!’ our marital therapist exclaimed to my husband and me several years ago, with obvious surprise and relief detectable in her face and her voice. She was responding to our report that we had nicely recovered from our Armageddon conflict from the week prior and were in a good space.

Damn straight, we are resilient. How else do you think we would have made it 25 years from prom to present day?

Resiliency isn’t about avoiding conflict. Conflict is inevitable and is something that we can learn to manage better with practice. Resiliency is about bouncing back to connection after conflict.

Through my own personal relationship journey as well as 20 years experience counseling individuals and couples, I recommend the following strategies for developing resiliency in your relationship”

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