Weight Watchers: How to make lasting change

How to get focused on the goal you have in mind Joyce Marter, LCPC, licensed psychotherapist and author of The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life, takes an action-oriented approach to goal-setting. “Set aside 30 minutes in the next day or two to create an action plan. Developing an action … Read more


Healthy Boundaries and How to Define Them

The pandemic world in which we’re living can certainly take its toll on our mental health. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the loss and grief that we’ve been enduring both individually and collectively as a nation. Plus, some are continuing to navigate complex challenges as a result of the pandemic in relation to food, … Read more

Joyce Marter giving keynote speech on stage.

Mental Wealth: Harnessing the Psychology of Success

As an expert in motivational speaking, mental health speaking, corporate training and life coaching, Joyce Marter recently spoke around the country on the topic of mental wealth to both corporate audiences and counselors. As business owners, counselors, professionals, parents, friends and people, it is key to understand that we, ourselves, need to be our best … Read more

Time Management

Time Management: How to Recover from the Disease of Being Busy 

Many of us are suffering from the disease of being busy. Through technology, we are plugged into a never-ending stream of news and work and subsequently, we have become disconnected from ourselves and one another. The result is a national rise in loneliness, mental illness and addiction, which is costly to each of us on a personal, community and national level. In order to promote good mental health, work/life balance and personal and professional productivity, we must develop effective time management.  

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Business Team Working Office Worker Concept

How to Choose the Right Buyer When Selling Your Therapy Practice

In 2017, I sold Urban Balance, the counseling private practice I founded in 2004. I hired a business broker, worked closely with my CPA, and the process from start to finish took about a year and a half. I was fortunate to receive eight offers and I am very glad that I chose Refresh Mental … Read more

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