A Conversation on Mental Health

It is no secret that the events of the last two years have taken a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of starting another year in the midst of global uncertainty – you are not alone. Aligned Modern Health’s nationally recognized Director of Acupuncture, Dr. Lamya … Read more


Work-Life Balance

Life is complex, which makes finding the “perfect balance” so difficult. And many of us see having a full life as the same thing as having a busy life, however the majority of employees in the US suffer from workplace stress and are overworking. And overworking doesn’t just affect our mental health, but it can … Read more

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Ready to quit? 5 things to consider first

While you may have had it for the last time after your co-worker makes her hundredth snide comment or your boss doles out a less than positive review, it’s crucial to pause first and take a gut check, Joyce Marter, a psychotherapist, public speaker, and author of The Financial Mindset Fix, told Yahoo Money. “Ask … Read more

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While there might be challenges, you’re never too young for an advanced degree and a new career

Licensed psychotherapist Joyce Marter, author of The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life, shares this story to prove those naysayers wrong: “One of my colleagues completed his master’s degree in counseling at age 75 after having a very successful career in urban planning. I met him several years ago when … Read more

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Wealthways Podcast | Joyce Marter

Joyce Marter, renowned psychotherapist, keynote speaker & author, joins Dawn to discuss the psychology of success, touching on her mission to normalize therapy, how she defines “mental wealth,” why it’s important to explore the belief systems that inform your relationship with money, and more. Read the full article here.


Mental Wealth: The Financial Mindset Fix with Joyce Marter – Episode #45

So much of who we are gets wrapped up in whether or not we’re successful. And that success? It’s often defined by title and money. So, what if you could shift your mindset to open yourself up to a world of mental wellness and success? The Think Tank of Three welcomes back entrepreneur, public speaker, … Read more

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