S4 E3 – The Midlife Crisis. It’s Time To Embrace Your Inner QUEEN (AUDIO)

What you are going through mentally in midlife is completely normal. You are dealing with a lot of change and uncertainty. Yes, midlife is when we deal with experiencing a lot of losses — death of parents, empty nest, beauty, sexuality, and identity issues. But it’s also a time to tap into your deepest self… where you are today. After all, change is an opportunity!

Joyce Marter was recently featured on the podcast, Beauty is a Bitch, talking about the dreaded midlife crisis. In this episode you’ll hear the common challenges women face in midlife, why it’s important to have these honest yet sometimes hard conversations, how we can hang on to our self-esteem and self-worth when there are so many devaluing messages in our youth-obsessed culture, how to tap into your greatest self and bravery during this time of transformation and how to embrace your inner QUEEN! It’s time to WTF (Weaken the Fiction).

Listen to the full podcast here.

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