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Joyce Marter is a Licensed Psychotherapist, CEO, Author, Thought Leader & National Public Speaker with more than 20 years of experience in providing keynote addresses, motivational talks, corporate trainings, and continuing education workshops. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association and has keynoted for the American Counseling Association’s Leadership Conference, Lakeside Bank, the Legacy Project and countless others. Joyce has provided talks and trainings for Fortune 500 companies, business organizations, attorneys and mediators, professional associations and universities. 

Combining her wealth of knowledge with her passion for mental health and related issues, Joyce delivers a high-energy and dynamic presentation that will leave your organization feeling inspired, uplifted, and ready to take action.

Joyce speaking from a stage to an audience in Alabama

Speaking Topics

Mental Health Speaker

Joyce understands the unique needs of both individuals and organizations when it comes to addressing and destigmatizing mental health. Her approach is evidence-based, and her presentation fosters a conversation around mental health, while also providing resources for you and your staff. Learn More »

Continuing Education Speaker

Joyce can deliver over 15 different workshops and has done so for years, many times without an empty seat in the house. Her workshops are engaging, knowledge-backed and interactive, offering National Board for Certified Counselor approved continuing education credits. Learn More »

Mindfulness Speaker

Joyce is proud to bring her clients mindfulness education and training. She credits the consistent mindfulness practice she began in 2011 for her personal wellness and success in business and leadership and eagerly shares her professional tips and skills with others to help increase their own success. Learn More »

Corporate Training

Organizations often turn to Joyce when they need help with difficult topics, like addressing sexual harassment, conflict resolution, and mental health issues. With more than 20 years of experience providing corporate training sessions, Joyce is a skilled presenter with a style that will capture and hold attention. Learn More »

Behavioral Healthcare Speaker

To minimize shame and provide support for individuals seeking to overcome their internal conflicts, Joyce travels around the country delivering talks, keynote speeches, and educational training related to mental health, addiction, relationship issues, and more. Learn More »

International Speaker

Mental health knows no bounds. Joyce Marter’s scope of work knows no borders. In fact, her work has reached an international audience of over 1 billion people across the globe. Learn More »

Fundraiser Speaker

Mental health and addiction are conversations that need to be had in any group. Joyce will work directly with you for your fundraiser speaking event to ensure that your audience is not only engaged but has the tools they need going forward. Learn More »

“Because of her genuine style when speaking, I have recommended Joyce to at least two organizations I volunteer for. You can’t go wrong with Joyce!”

Paulina Martinez, Government Planner

Speaking Inquiries

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