Joyce Marter Featured in Examiner Article: Job Loss: Three Tips For Keeping Yourself “New Job Ready,” Part 2

This article concludes the two-part interview with Joyce Marter, licensed psychotherapist and owner of Chicago-based Urban Balance.

So many times when people are looking for a job or starting a new one, they neglect to reach out to others for help. Joyce’s advice is to get support even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Lean on your friends, family and professional network.

  • Consider seeking advice from a coach or therapist if needed. Therapy is healthy, normal and proactive.
  • Meet with people who are in your same situation – such as those who are also in job search, were hired the same time as you or friends who have recently started a search or landed a new job.

Connecting with others is a good reminder that you are not alone and can help put your stressors into perspective. It also provides normalization/validation about any experiences you may be having related to being unemployed or starting a new job.

It’s not only important to utilize a positive support network; you should also avoid or limit time with people who bring you down with their negative energy or fears and anxieties.

Joyce’s final piece of advice is to create structure during your job search. Before you lost your job, you had structure in your life that included:

  • a daily routine of going to sleep,
  • a regular wake-up time,
  • showering and getting dressed,
  • leaving the house,
  • meeting/talking with people,
  • breakfast/lunch time,
  • exercise,
  • work,
  • leisure time.

Continue a similar type of structure during your job search and you’ll have a much easier time transitioning into a new job. You’ll probably feel more in control and confident, too.

Finally, remember that personal and professional progress is not linear. Everyone goes through setbacks or “loops” in life as a normal part of being human. How you respond to those setbacks determines if you are going to grow and move forward or continue to cycle downward.

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