The Chemistry of Love – Joyce Marter Mentioned in Inside Columbia Magazine Piece

Joyce Marter was quoted in a piece by Inside Columbia Magazine about The Chemistry of Love. She discusses attraction and how it can be electric:

Psychotherapist Joyce Marter, from Urban Balance, a Chicago counseling practice, also writes about chemistry and attraction. We’re all human and we all gravitate towards different types of people. So when it boils right down to it, who one person sees as beautiful, the next person may not.

“When there is powerful chemistry and attraction, the eye contact is electric. Think about when you first met your significant other; eye contact was a powerful, powerful thing, and you have probably not forgotten the color of their eyes.”

When there is attraction, breathing becomes rapid, shallow or seems to stop altogether. That whole “weak in the knees” thing, it’s real. You become lightheaded from irregular breathing causing you to be unstable.

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