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Finding Light in the Darkness

In a world where mass shootings and the horrific tragedies of war are continually in your news feed, it’s easy to feel hopeless. Glimmers can help you achieve a more positive outlook when faced with adversity.

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Savvy expecting parents need to start financial planning now

When Joyce Marter, a licensed clinical professional counselor, financial therapist, and author of “The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life” was in her 20s, she said to her pregnant supervisor, “I look forward to having a baby when my husband and I are more ready.” Her manager’s reply: “None of … Read more

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Is It a Good Idea to Work Outside Designated Work Hours?

The pandemic helped blur the physical boundaries between going to the workplace and being at home, because so many of us can work anywhere or any time of day as long as we can access a computer. The ease of accessing work can easily muddle work-home boundaries and make it easier to work longer hours. … Read more

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Life After Selling: The Importance of Having an Exit Strategy

Do you ever think about selling your counseling practice in the future and struggle with how and when you would even start? In this episode, we talk with Joyce Marter.  Joyce is a Renowned Psychotherapist, National Speaker, Entrepreneur, Media Contributor, Author, and mental Health Thought Leader.

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Money Isn’t Scary

Hi you guys, welcome to another episode of the Money Isn’t Scary podcast – I’m Meghan Dwyer. Today, I’m sharing my conversation with Licensed psychotherapist, entrepreneur, national speaker and mental health thought leader, Joyce Marter.

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Discovering Your Glimmers: Finding Moments of Joy

Glimmers are small moments of joy that can bring light to even the darkest days. Glimmers can have a significant impact on mental and emotional well-being. Research has shown that regularly experiencing positive emotions can improve physical health, decrease stress, and even greater longevity.1 That’s why it’s important to step back and discover your glimmers.

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Are You Giving Too Much in a Relationship?

A healthy relationship is balanced, mutual, and reciprocal. When you give more than the other person, you may leave feeling exhausted and depleted. As a result, you don’t replenish your energy through self-care or other relationships. Worse yet, you begin harboring resentment. Resentment is hardened anger that can result from having your emotional, time, financial, … Read more

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