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Hi you guys, welcome to another episode of the Money Isn’t Scary podcast – I’m Meghan Dwyer. Today, I’m sharing my conversation with Licensed psychotherapist, entrepreneur, national speaker and mental health thought leader, Joyce Marter.

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Discovering Your Glimmers: Finding Moments of Joy

Glimmers are small moments of joy that can bring light to even the darkest days. Glimmers can have a significant impact on mental and emotional well-being. Research has shown that regularly experiencing positive emotions can improve physical health, decrease stress, and even greater longevity.1 That’s why it’s important to step back and discover your glimmers.

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Are You Giving Too Much in a Relationship?

A healthy relationship is balanced, mutual, and reciprocal. When you give more than the other person, you may leave feeling exhausted and depleted. As a result, you don’t replenish your energy through self-care or other relationships. Worse yet, you begin harboring resentment. Resentment is hardened anger that can result from having your emotional, time, financial, … Read more

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Take Care of Your Financial and Mental Health! Here’s How…

Join Randy Hultgren as he deep dives with Joyce Marter, author of The Financial Mindset Fix, on addressing the many ways that mental health needs to be front of mind today. Whether for yourself, your staff, or your customers, wellness must be a priority. Learn how mental and financial health create a unique cross section … Read more

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How to Approach Parental Leave with Emotional Intelligence

Expecting and becoming a parent can be a stressful experience, even when planned. Parental leave allows for new parents to bond with their children and adjust to their new roles as caregivers. However, taking time off from work can also be a challenging experience, both emotionally and financially. During this time, the emotional and physical … Read more

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6 Ways to Model Responsible Social Media Use to Your Kids

Up to 95 percent of teens report that the use at least one social media platform, while more than one-third say they use social media “almost constantly, according to survey results from Pew Research. As social media use has risen, so have anxiety, depression, and emergency room visits for self-harm and suicidal ideation.

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How To Have Difficult Conversations: 10 Tips From a Therapist

Having difficult conversations can be uncomfortable, emotional, and even confrontational. But what if you could learn how to have difficult conversations constructively and productively? It is possible to have difficult conversations while maintaining respect and empathy for each other. By approaching them thoughtfully, you can turn difficult conversations into opportunities for growth and stronger relationships.

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Next Generation Indie Book Awards

The books are winners of the 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the largest international book awards program for independent publishers and self-published authors. The winners and finalists will be honored Friday, June 23 at a gala event at the Newberry Library in Chicago, IL, coinciding with the American Library Association Annual Conference.

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