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How Pets May Reduce Dementia Risks Later in Life

Owning a pet helps reduce dementia risks later in life, a new study reveals. Not only do pets provide companionship and promote physical activity, but they also offer mental and emotional stimulation that can help maintain brain health. The study found that pet ownership was associated with slower rates of decline in verbal memory, verbal … Read more

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Perinatal Depression: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatments

Perinatal depression is a common mental health condition that affects women during pregnancy and after childbirth. Symptoms include persistent sadness, anxiety, and difficulty bonding with the baby. Treatment may include therapy, medication, or a combination of the two. Proper diagnosis and timely intervention are crucial to ensure the health of the mother as well as … Read more

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6 Ways to Reduce Financial Anxiety to Boost Mental Health

Mental health and financial wellness are inextricably related. When we don’t believe in ourselves and our ability to be financially well, we get caught in a downward spiral of fear, uncertainty, self-limitation, and financial self-sabotage. If we don’t believe we will be financially successful, we won’t. If we believe we will be prosperous and are … Read more

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Words Don’t Come Easy

I suppose I thought that the hard part was getting my courage up in the first place and things would fall into place from there. (Future me offers up an, “Oh, Sweetie” and a pat on the head.) Dearest, if you’re facing such a situation, allow me to share some advice from Joyce Marter, Licensed … Read more

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How You Think Self-Improvement Goes, Versus How It Actually Goes

According to counselor Joyce Marter at Psych Central, therapy is often the same way. When clients start therapy, they often have some sort of major breakthrough that was the reason they accepted their need for help anyway. But eventually, clients experience setbacks, have major stressors and transitions, and regress. As a therapist, Marter notes her job is … Read more

Featured on Big Meow

Featured on The Big Meow Podcast

Kristen White interviews Joyce Marter, a financial coach with an incredible knack for bridging the gap between money and mind. Joyce delves into the complex financial and mental health relationship, outlining practical steps for nurturing both. She shares her insights into overcoming financial trauma and shifting from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance.

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How to Write a Check, Per Financial Pros

For some, writing a check is second nature. For others, it may seem as antiquated as using a rotary phone. “While we’re all used to grabbing our laptop or phone when it’s time to make a payment, there are still times when writing a check is essential,” says Jen DeLoyd, head of checking and consumer … Read more

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