Joyce Marter Quoted In Woman’s Day Magazine Article: 5 Couples Therapists Share How Your Marriage Can Survive An Affair

Joyce Marter quoted in Woman’s Day magazine article about relationships. Read the full article here.

Joyce Marter, licensed psychotherapist and CEO of Urban Balance, says the following behaviors may indicate a rift in the relationship that’s beyond repair:

  • Cheating is a pattern. “This could suggest a chronic issue like a serious sex or love addiction or a personality disorder such as narcissism or even sociopathy (in cases of lying and betrayal with no remorse).”
  • “They are no longer in love with you and/or are in love with somebody else.”
  • “There is the presence of emotional, physical or sexual abuse or violence. Abuse is never okay. If your partner is saying they cheated because you somehow made them, this is a sign of emotional abuse. Seek treatment right away.”

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