Joyce Marter Quoted In CareerBliss Article: Don’t Be Bored At Work: 7 Productive Ways To Fill Downtime

UB Founder, Joyce Marter offers tips to CareerBliss on how to stay productive at work. Article published on July 27th, 2012. 

“Boredom kills — well, not literally. Succumbing to it at work, however, can totally kill your motivation, causing you to (oh horror of horrors) disengage and become all around unhappy. Next thing you know, you’re the guy in the coffee line no one wants to stand behind because you just ooze negativity. You might be overqualified, underappreciated or, heck, working at a job that’s just too easy for you. Whatever the reason — if boredom has you yawning at work, grab some sort of beverage that will give you a jumpstart (we’re thinking caffeinated, not alcoholic) and beat your boredom once and for all. Don’t sit like a potato! First thing on the list: your vocab. From here on out, there is no such thing as ‘downtime,’ only ‘opportunity time,’ says Robby Slaughter, productivity and workflow expert and principal at Slaughter Development. Opportunities are meant to be seized! Check out these awesome boredom busters the next time you find yourself clockwatching, and seize your opportunity!”

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