Joyce Marter On WGN Morning News: Signs Of Workplace Bullying And Ways To Prevent It

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, more than a quarter of Americans have been the target of workplace bullying. SIGNS How do you spot a workplace bully ? Threatening, humiliating or intimidating behaviors (i.e. getting up in somebody’s personal space, blocking them from moving through an entry, or a practical joke designed to embarrass, etc. … Read more

Joyce Marter Featured On WGN Radio With Rob Hart: Dealing With The Holidays When Unemployed

Joyce Marter, LCPC, was interviewed by Rob Hart on WGN Radio 720, discussing the additional stress that unemployment and underemployment can have on the already stressful holiday season.  Dealing with the Holidays when Unemployed The holidays are stressful times for many, and the additional stress of unemployment can exacerbate the usual holiday issues of dealing … Read more

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