Psych Central Blog: Stuck In A Rut During Midlife Parenthood? 7 Tips

Joyce Marter recently wrote a Psych Central blog on ways to get out of a rut during midlife parenthood. An excerpt from the blog is included below: “It’s very common for parents to feel bored, stuck or stagnant when the kids are getting older and it feels like many of the exciting milestones have passed … Read more


PsychCentral Blog: How to Encourage Critical Thinking in Kids

In an age when most kids are glued to their phones and their primary mode of communication is Snapchat, it’s a concern for many parents as far as to how to help their kids develop critical thinking. In a recent radio interview with WGN’s Vic Vaughn, we explored how to help kids become better able … Read more


PsychCentral Blog: Consensual Sex is an Ongoing Dialogue, Not Simply a Yes

Written by Joyce Marter, LCPC. “The #MeToo movement and the Aziz Ansari story have inspired much needed discussion about the boundaries involved in consensual sex. In today’s hookup culture, often sexual partners barely know each other, so they don’t have a longstanding, trusting rapport at the foundation of their relationship. They lack a deeper understanding … Read more


Huffington Post & Psych Central Blog: How to Make a Vision Board for the New Year

As a therapist who has been practicing for over 20 years, I have developed a healthy respect for self-fulfilling prophecy. Over and over again, I have seen that if we anticipate an outcome, it is more likely to occur that way because our thoughts precede our behaviors. As author Wayne Dyer said, “Our intention creates … Read more

Young People with gadgets

Psych Central Blog: How to Promote Healthy Emotional-Social Development of iGen Teens

In her popular article, Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?, Jean M. Twenge refers to the “iGen”—those born between 1995 and 2012 that have been shaped by smartphones and social media. She says that while this generation might be physically safer than adolescents have ever been (because they’re “more comfortable online than out partying”), they are … Read more


Psych Central Blog: How To Recommend Therapy To Someone: 7 Tips

By Joyce Marter, LCPC If there’s anything I have learned from more than 20 years of being a therapist, it’s that we all can benefit from therapy at different points in our lives. As part of the human condition, we each may experience issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or relationship problems. Therapy can help … Read more


Psych Central Blog: 5 Tips For Dealing With Grief

This article was published on Joyce’s PsychCentral blog, The Psychology of Success. Whether you lost a loved one to sickness, tragedy , divorce or even a significant break-up, loss is a trauma. Losses can create identity challenges, lifestyle changes, financial problems and even have social implications. After 20 years of counseling clients through grief as well as … Read more


Psych Central Blog: 5 Ways To Be A Less Anxious Parent

This article was published on Joyce’s PsychCentral blog, The Psychology of Success. As a therapist who has counseled parents for 20 years and as a mother of two daughters (ages 14 and 11), I understand that parenthood is a rollercoaster of highs and lows with many opportunities for learning. A friend with older teens recently … Read more

Joyce Marter Quoted In Psych Central Article: 3 More Obstacles And How To Overcome Them

“Last month, in this piece, psychologist Ryan Howes, Ph.D, shared three top obstacles in therapy: feeling shame for having problems and needing to go to therapy in the first place; not knowing how therapy works; and having to trust a total stranger with our innermost thoughts and feelings. This month we asked Joyce Marter, LCPC, a psychotherapist who … Read more

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