Round Table Companies Blog: Recovery From Love

Joyce Marter wrote a blog for Round Table Companies on how to recover from heartbreak. Below is an excerpt from the blog: “Romantic love is mystical and magical—permeating every aspect of mind, body and spirit until you are completely consumed. The intensity of the attraction, the depths of the desire, and the power of the passion … Read more


Psych Central Blog: 5 Tips For Dealing With Grief

This article was published on Joyce’s PsychCentral blog, The Psychology of Success. Whether you lost a loved one to sickness, tragedy , divorce or even a significant break-up, loss is a trauma. Losses can create identity challenges, lifestyle changes, financial problems and even have social implications. After 20 years of counseling clients through grief as well as … Read more


Psych Central Blog: 5 Ways To Be A Less Anxious Parent

This article was published on Joyce’s PsychCentral blog, The Psychology of Success. As a therapist who has counseled parents for 20 years and as a mother of two daughters (ages 14 and 11), I understand that parenthood is a rollercoaster of highs and lows with many opportunities for learning. A friend with older teens recently … Read more

Woman on desktop

Blog: Digital Infidelity: Social Media & Relationships

According to the Washington Post, Facebook is cited in more than one-third of all divorce cases! The number-one reason why Facebook was at fault in these cases was due to “inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex.” Social media has added fuel to the fire of infidelity because it makes it easier and more accessible to … Read more

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