Joyce Marter Quoted In BeliefNet Article: Seven Self Compassionate Strategies To Experience Sadness

“Many of us have a hard time experiencing sadness. We ignore it, hoping it’ll go away. Or we stuff it down with unhealthy habits. ‘Sadness hurts!’ said Polly Campbell, author of Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People. ‘Studies show it can even cause physical pain and heartache.’ Sadness also is a vulnerable feeling, said psychotherapist Joyce Marter, LCPC. We may not want to experience it, because it’s connected to deeper-seated feelings of grief and loss, she said. For instance, one client couldn’t process her feelings about a breakup, because it meant tapping into her sorrow about her parents’ separation. However, you can ease into experiencing your sadness. Here are seven self-compassionate suggestions.”

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