Blog: Joyce Marter Reveals Her Top 10 Tips For A Better Sex Life

“A client once said to me, ‘I’m nervous to talk with my wife about my sexual needs, because you are the only person who knows that part of my life.’

This statement struck me as wildly paradoxical. How could I, a person with whom my client has a strictly professional relationship, know more about his sexual life than the woman with whom he has sex?

His comment not only revealed the tremendous trust and intimacy involved in the therapeutic relationship, but also the fact that he, like many people, was embarrassed and not openly communicating his sexual needs and desires with his partner.

He and I explored this further and decided together to invite his wife into treatment. As an experienced couples therapist, I facilitated a safe environment in which I coached and supported them through an honest exchange about their deeper feelings about their physical relationship.

I accomplished this by providing an open and non-judgmental environment, demonstrating empathy and respect for each of them.”

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