Slik & Sonder (Flourishing): Mental Health Experts Share Their Best Tips for ‘Flourishing’ As We Come Out Of the Pandemic

This past year tested all of us. While everyone faced a unique set of challenges during the pandemic, we all experienced that sense of stagnation and feeling blah at different points—hence, the growing popularity of the term “languishing.” Some of us felt it worse than others, and are still feeling stuck.

“Many people continue to reel and feel deflated by the ups and downs of the pandemic, says Dr. Carla Marie Manly, clinical psychologist, speaker, and author of upcoming book, Date Smart. “Many people have experienced a sense of languishing, and this is natural given the stressors of the pandemic. Languishing can result when the body and mind seek a ‘necessary break’ yet a habit evolves that contributes to a sense of decline.”

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