Meditation & Yoga for Mental Health & Conscious Leadership

Meditation allows us to connect with the here-and-now and become rooted in the present moment, where peace resides. As the breath deepens and slows and we sit in stillness, we recalibrate our nervous system and facilitate an equanimous mind. This process has tremendous mental and physical health benefits including reducing anxiety and blood pressure and improving mental clarity and autonomic functioning. 

Meditation may also be seen as a form of prayer or an experience of connecting with the universal awareness. By quieting our “mind chatter”, we may connect the unique  light that lies within each of us and connects us all to one another and the world around us. Meditation is the process of separating from the mind and detaching from the ego (which tricks us into believing we are each separate and need to be competitive) and connecting with our soul or true essence that lies within  Meditation facilitates a deeper connection to ourselves as well as to others, which encourages us to operate from a place of conscious, compassionate collaboration rather than operating from ego (fear, defensiveness, and anger.)

Yoga is meditation with movement—a practice that quiets the mind and unites the body and spirit. The medicine of yoga is extremely healing emotionally, relationally and physically in that it is a process of releasing toxins and negative energy and rebooting the mind/body/spirit with positive, loving awareness. 

Feelings are waves of energy we experience in the body, If they are not properly expressed, they may result in mental or physical illness. Yoga is a means of releasing those blocked or stuck energies and healing, balancing and harmonizing the mind/body connection for optimal performance.  

Yoga improves strength, resilience, balance and flexibility. The experience of the “flow” state in yogic promotes connection with prana (life force or vitality.), These skills and experiences can be transformative on many levels in life—psychologically, personally, relationally, sexually, spiritually and professionally. 

When we are at peace and empowered internally, we can live a more peaceful and empowered life with others. This can be reflected in both personal integrity as well as conscious leadership. Conscious people and conscious leaders celebrate openness, diversity and the unique talents and contributions of each person. Conscious leaders creatively and collaboratively  facilitate the alignment of gifts with needs in the world to promote the common good.  

Meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices facilitate our collective consciousness and the evolution of our society. 


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