Joyce Marter Quoted In CareerBliss Article: How Creative Confidence Can Boost Your Happiness

“Many psych experts say that we are all born with an innate hint of creativity. But as we grow older, things like our practical jobs, fear of rejection and other grownup matters place a lid on our creativity. However, studies show that indulging in our deep-seated creativity afterhours can actually open up a floodgate of newfound inspiration, enthusiasm and happiness in your career! ‘Try an improv class, pick up a musical instrument (again), join a choir, sign up for a dance class, or check out a pottery class,’ says Katherine Crowley, Harvard-trained psychotherapist and author of Mean Girls at Work. ‘Try something that piques your curiosity, but you aren’t sure you’ll be good at.  Doing it perfectly isn’t important.’ Creative confidence is all about tossing fears of failure out the window and indulging in your creativity. ‘Exercising creativity is an essential component of psycho-spiritual development towards achieving self-actualization and true happiness,’ says Joyce Marter, psychotherapist and CEO of Urban Balance. Here’s why.”

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