How To Be a Financially Gracious Houseguest When Staying With Friends or Family

Whether you’re heading out of town or need a local place to crash for at least a few nights, you’re saving a ton of money by staying with friends or family members. This is great, but just because you won’t receive an itemized bill at the end of your stay, doesn’t mean you can spend … Read more


Joyce Marter Presented On The Psychology Of Success At The 70th Annual Illinois Counseling Association Conference

Joyce Marter presented on The Psychology of Success at the 70th Annual Illinois Counseling Association Conference for CEU credits. Joyce discussed the importance of practicing mindfulness, self-care, accessing support, appreciating the power of intention, compassion, gratitude and how to open yourself up to receiving abundance and prosperity.


Blog: Joyce Marter: Motivational Keynote Speaker For Counseling Conferences

Joyce Marter is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, entrepreneur, CEO, author and motivational keynote speaker with over 15 years of experience in public speaking. She is a proud member of the National Speakers Association. Marter is the Founder of Urban Balance, a counseling practice with over 100 therapists working from ten locations in three states. … Read more


Joyce Marter Gave CEU Training On Time Management At The Carrington, Organized By Elderwerks/In-Home Counseling

Joyce Marter gave a CEU presentation on Time Management. The event was organized by Elderwerks/In-Home Counseling and took place at The Carrington in Lincolnwood. The audience consisted of hospital social workers, nurses and case managers. Joyce talked about prioritization, organization, efficiency, productivity, mindfulness, boundaries, and work/life balance.

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