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Renowned Psychotherapist
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Studies continually show that mindfulness and meditation practices can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve sleep. However, mindfulness has also been shown to increase immunity and promote better overall health, happiness, and wellbeing both personally and professionally, leading to more confidence and better relationships.

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Meditation allows us to be rooted in the present, recalibrate our nervous system and quiet the mind. Further, it helps increase mental clarity and quiet “mind chatter.” Meditation also instigates a deeper connection to ourselves and to others.

Having completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Joyce also teaches yoga workshops that promote mental health at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio & Center for Conscious Living. Yoga is a mindfulness practice that is meditation with movement which facilitates inner peace and calm, resilience, balance, and flexibility both physically and emotionally.

As a renowned Licensed Psychotherapist, thought leader, mental health speaker, national keynote speaker, national stress speaker and CEO, Joyce Marter is proud to bring her clients mindfulness education and training. She credits the consistent mindfulness practice she began in 2011 for her personal wellness and success in business and leadership and eagerly shares her professional tips and skills with others to help increase their own success.

Mindfulness, Personally and Professionally

Joyce inspires wellness through day-long or weekend mindfulness retreats and training sessions that include meditation practices and restorative and basic yoga classes for workplaces and organizations.

Joyce’s passion and education around mindfulness have helped leaders and organizations to:

  • Quiet “mind chatter” and reduce stress, anxiety, and reactivity
  • Increase presence, emotional intelligence and conscious collaboration
  • Promote groundedness and awareness for conscious and compassionate leadership
  • Detach from ego and connect with essence (the divine self) to align your unique gifts with a greater need in the world as well as to align your life’s mission with your life’s work

Joyce’s keynote talks and corporate trainings have included:

  • How to Practice Mindfulness for Conscious Leadership
  • How to Improve Mental Health Through Mindfulness Practices
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: How to Improve Productivity & Health

In short, everyone can benefit from mindfulness practice. As a mindfulness speaker and trainer, Joyce’s mission and approach are multidimensional and include tactics to help you and members of your organization achieve better mental and physical health along with optimum performance. Her training is customized to fit your needs and addresses wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

“You provided tips for holistic mental wellness while balancing subject matter expertise with vulnerability, likeability and just the right amount of energy. Your presentation was brilliant, and we appreciated every minute.”

Jen Sheaks, Training Curriculum Designer/ Facilitator Kemba Financial Credit Union

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