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International Speaker

International Speaker Making an Impact in Today’s World of Mental Health

Mental health knows no bounds. As such, Joyce Marter’s scope of work, likewise, knows no borders. In fact, her work has reached an international audience of over 1 billion people across the globe.

According to the World Health Organization, only 1 percent of the global health workforce works in mental health and 45 percent of the world’s population live in a country that has less than one psychiatrist per 100,000 people. These are startling numbers as, in the U.S. alone, one in five people has a mental illness.

Joyce’s mission is to create awareness around and assistance with anxiety, depression and addiction. As an internationally renowned mental health and behavior healthcare speaker, thought leader, Clinical Case Consultant at Northwestern University, award-winning therapist, acclaimed business professional and leader, Joyce works with people to help them lead happier and more fulfilled lives free from the chains of depression and anxiety.

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An International Speaker Specializing
in Mental Health

Joyce’s work focuses on:

  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Dual Diagnosis: Mental Illness and Addiction Assessment and Treatment
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Entrepreneurism in Behavioral Healthcare
  • Private Practice Growth & Development

Whether as a keynote speaker, writer or practitioner, Joyce travels internationally to share resources and information around mental health.

Joyce Marter has been Featured in
International Publications and Media Outlets




  • The Toronto Star “Does Social Media Make It Easier to Cheat on Your Partner?”• Nov. 21, 2016
  • HuffPost Canada “15 Ways to Live Authentically and Amazingly”• Feb. 13, 2015
  • HuffPost Canada 8 Life Lessons from My 8-Year-Old”• May 6, 2014
  • HuffPost Canada “Chemistry and Attraction: When It’s Healthy and When It’s Not”• Jan. 24, 2014
  • HuffPost Canada “Free Yourself by Being Direct”• Dec. 30, 2013




  • The Huffington Post “20 Tricks for a Happier Life”• Oct. 17, 2014










  • BestLife “12 Ways to Repair a Sexless Marriage, According to Marriage Counselors”• Dec. 21, 2018


“Our attendees raved about her wheels of self-care, support, and professional satisfaction – both for themselves and their clients. Thank you, Joyce, for your professionalism, relatability, and overall fantastic presentation!”

Rachel Gorsuch, Illinois Counseling Association Division Coordinator

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