Joyce Marter at Urban Balance Aligned Modern Health Event: Anxiety and Gut Health

YouTube video

Our mental health also affects our body. Our minds and our bodies are mutually and reciprocally connected, so our thinking impacts our physical health. Our thoughts are actually electric energy that creates feelings in our bodies, and our feelings are waves of energy that we hold in the body. If someone has experienced trauma, they are holding that in their body.

Today, I was talking with massage therapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and psychotherapists. We were all discussing health, wellness, and the system. In counseling or therapy, we help people examine their self-talk. I believe that we learn voices from the past and that we all have an inner critic. We can choose to be our own worst critic, or we can choose to develop a more loving, compassionate voice to coach us through our lives. That’s really what therapy is about.

I believe that we all unconsciously recreate what’s familiar to us in our relationships until we become aware.

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