LinkedIn Article: How To Exit A Group Counseling Practice With Ethics & Integrity

Joyce Marter recently wrote a LinkedIn article on how to exit a group counseling practice with ethics and integrity. Below is an excerpt from the article: “It’s natural that psychotherapists who work for a group practices often eventually wish to leave to start their own practices. It’s also very understandable that clients and therapists frequently … Read more


LinkedIn Article: How to Sell a Counseling Center or Private Practice

Joyce Marter recently wrote a LinkedIn article on how to sell a counseling center or private practice. An excerpt from the article is included below: “From the time I founded Urban Balance in 2004 to when I sold it to Refresh Mental Health in 2017, it grew to over 100 therapists working from nine locations … Read more


LinkedIn article: How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in the Wake of #MeToo

Written by Joyce Marter, LCPC. “The #MeToo movement has exposed the longstanding and shocking prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace. This sociocultural movement has lifted the veil of shame and secrecy that often accompanies abuse, and has given validation to women (and some men) who have been victims of sexual harassment that they are … Read more

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