Joyce Marter Featured In Chicago Tribune Redeye Article: A Prisoner Of The Office Clique? Then Get Out More Often

UB’S JOYCE MARTER FEATURED IN REDEYE Pro tip: Workers in an office clique should make sure they stay away from “any bullying dynamics” and avoid office gossip, said Joyce Marter, a psychotherapist and CEO of Urban Balance, a Chicago-based counseling group practice. “Nurture your relationships outside of the clique,” she said. “Make sure you’re being … Read more

Joyce Marter Quoted In Chicago Tribune RedEye Article: Leaps Of Faith

“Michael Marier lived an enviable life in Chicago. He earned about $75,000 a year managing promotions, which often meant giving away free booze alongside models at chi-chi nightclubs. He lived in a “beautiful” 2,000-square-foot Lincoln Square apartment. He drove a Lexus. But one day last July, Marier ditched it all — the plush job, the … Read more

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