Joyce Marter Featured In Chicago Tribune Article: Amid Asia Argento Accusation, What A #MeToo Moment Can Be Like For Male Victims

Joyce Marter was recently featured in a Chicago Tribune article on what #metoo moments may be like for male victims. Below is an excerpt from the article: “A #MeToo situation where a man comes forward can include different considerations, said Joyce Marter, a licensed psychotherapist and founder of Urban Balance, a group of dozens of … Read more


Joyce Marter quoted in Chicago Tribune Article: Lessons From The Happiest Place On Earth

Joyce Marter was recently quoted in a Chicago Tribune article that provides tips on happiness from Finland, “the happiest place on earth”. Below is an excerpt from the article. “’Activities that involve community collaboration bring people together for a common goal — socialization and teamwork — and it allows them to be a part of … Read more


Joyce Marter Featured In Chicago Tribune Redeye Article: A Prisoner Of The Office Clique? Then Get Out More Often

UB’S JOYCE MARTER FEATURED IN REDEYE Pro tip: Workers in an office clique should make sure they stay away from “any bullying dynamics” and avoid office gossip, said Joyce Marter, a psychotherapist and CEO of Urban Balance, a Chicago-based counseling group practice. “Nurture your relationships outside of the clique,” she said. “Make sure you’re being … Read more

Joyce Marter Quoted In Chicago Tribune RedEye Article: Leaps Of Faith

“Michael Marier lived an enviable life in Chicago. He earned about $75,000 a year managing promotions, which often meant giving away free booze alongside models at chi-chi nightclubs. He lived in a “beautiful” 2,000-square-foot Lincoln Square apartment. He drove a Lexus. But one day last July, Marier ditched it all — the plush job, the … Read more

Joyce Marter Quoted In Chicago Tribune RedEye Article: Workplace Stress Can Lead To Total Meltdown

“One in three American employees are chronically overworked, and 54 percent felt overwhelmed by how much they’re expected to complete, according to a 2005 study by the Families and Work Institute. That’s not only bad for productivity, but studies also have shown that too much stress lowers people’s immune systems and can lead to high blood pressure, … Read more

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