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Self Love Wheel 

The Self Love Wheel is a self-evaluation tool from my book The Financial Mindset Fix that helps you realize where your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to self love. Don’t worry about your scores-we are all works in progress. Completing the wheel exercise is easy. After you go through it once, you’ll be a pro. And if you become discouraged because there is still progress to be made, always remember we are looking for progress, not perfection.

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The wheel exercise begins with a set of questions. After you read a question, simply rate yourself on the following scale: Poor (1-3), Fair (4-5), Good (6-7), Prosperous (8-10). Each wheel diagram contains a set of spokes, similar to the spokes on a bicycle wheel. After you answer each wheel exercise question, chart your answer on the wheel. Find the spoke that matches the label of the question. Then, simply place a dot on the spoke next to the number that corresponds with your answer. After scoring yourself on every spoke, connect the dots to create a circle.

Download the full workbook for the Self Love Wheel to begin the exercise. Click to Download Self Love Wheel Exercise

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