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Featured on Eric Hoffer Book Awards

Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalists

The Financial Mindset Fix by Joyce Marter received recognition from the Eric Hoffer Book Awards as a Category Finalist. “After our rigorous first round of judging, less than 10% of the nominees become category finalists. We consider this a distinction of its own merit and, in 2008, began officially announcing these titles. Finalists are selected ...

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Featured On LiveStrong.com

6 Ways Therapists Cope When They’re Grieving

As Quoted on LiveStrong.com – “Rather than judging, denying or self-medicating my feelings, I allow myself to feel them deeply and release them,” says Joyce Marter, LCPC, licensed psychotherapist and author of ‌The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life‌. She notes it’s common — and normal — to experience a ...

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Featured on Be More With Less

How Clutter Makes You Sick And Stressed

We know that clutter can weigh us down. We know that clutter can distract us. But did you ever think that clutter might be making you sick or stressed, or that it could be preventing you from healing? I’m not sharing this to scare you but to invite you to feel better.

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Featured on Best Colleges

10 Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Counseling Degree

Every degree or career seems to have crossroads where you must make big decisions. For counseling students, it’s choosing from types of counseling specializations. Counseling students can pick a specific area to focus on in school and enroll in a program to maximize their training in that area. Choosing a counseling specialization can be beneficial ...

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Featured on Poynter

9 fresh tips for launching your journalism career

Envisioning a future as a journalist can be overwhelming. The many challenges of the digital world and recent layoffs by well-known companies like The Washington Post, CNN, Gannett and, more recently, NPR, create a sense of uncertainty and anxiety for those entering the field. “People say journalism is dying,” said Shalini Dore, former Variety’s news features ...

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Featured on Big Think

How to overcome “oniomania” — compulsive spending disorder

The term “oniomania,” which is used to describe people with obsessive, problematic shopping and spending behaviors, consists of the Greek words “onios,” meaning “for sale,” and “mania.” Also known as Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) and Impulsive Compulsive Buying Disorder (ICBD), oniomania can leave a devastating impact on your financial health and mental wellbeing if left ...

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Featured on Psychology Today

How to Tell Whether Your Partner Is Lying

Lying is one of the most common yet devastating actions in a relationship; it can break down trust and fuel insecurity. Research finds that people lie just a little bit (zero to two times) each day, except for a few prolific liars. In one study, 88.6% of the reported lies were described as “little white ...

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Featured on Popular Science

5 ways to deal with financial anxiety before it seriously harms your health

Adulting is hard. On top of paying your bills and rent on time, you also have to factor in childcare, insurance, and student loan repayments, which are set to resume later this year. With inflation raising the cost of living, mass job layoffs, and the threat of a recession, it’s understandable if you feel like ...

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